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andy lee


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Hawk have announced a new set of prime lenses
[b] [size=4]Vantage One T1 Spherical Primes[/size][/b]

These are T1 (equivilant f stop 0.95)
super fast!!
have a read here


The Hawk guys are at Camerimage introducing an eye-popping set of new spherical T1 prime lenses called Vantage One. T1!
There are nine Vantage One lenses in the set: 17.5, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 90 and 120 mm, all T1, and all close-focusing.

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony Cameras
They're great rental options for a special shoot though. More than anything I just love the whole philosophy behind the lenses. Whilst the corporations are making everything perfectly sharp, contrasty and clinical these guys are producing artisan cinema lenses with a 'dreamy' wide open look and two coatings, one for a low contrast and higher levels of flare. MUCH NEEDED!!

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I really need to get out and shoot properly with my FS100 and SLR Magic T0.95. Did a very brief test at 3am and it looked great but yet to shoot in anger with it. The SLR Magic T0.95 is a good option for anamorphic too, I shot this with it on the GH2 a few months ago.


The more lenses like these Hawks, SLR Magics and Voigtlanders we filmmakers get, the more creative for all concerned.

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