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BS or Truth? Propaganda?


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I was sitting with people in a flat the other day, and they had a "trumotion" frame interpolating telly. I asked them if they liked it. They said "sometimes it looks nice and smooth and sometimes it makes TV and films look really cheap and low budget."

They had definitely bought the hype though. Switching it off with an old movie they were saying "urgh it's all jerky, I like the Trumotion on it's much smoother".

I think it only works with thinga that look like computer games. Avatar for example.

I've shot a lot of RX100 at 50p, but I always bring it back to 25 because otherwise it looks... like nasty old video...
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Seems like RED is just feeling a bit scared now that sensor technology premiums have lowered. Everybody understands the concept of nano technology. What seems new now will be outdated tomorrow. Red simply cannot compare revenue to Sony. Hell no, simply impossible. Red purists will agree that 4K workflow is becoming faster and easier. That has nothing to do in fantasizing that bigger companies like Sony NOW acknowledge 4K and that 2K and 1080p was a whole conspiracy. The advent of 4K transfer to print or DCP in 2007 with an obvious agenda for cinema has nothing to do with the lowering of sensor pricing.
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