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Download and test the new 5D Mark III Magic Lantern - peaking, zebras and audio meters already feature

Andrew Reid

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[url="http://www.magiclantern.fm/whats-new/78-articles/news/137-first-alpha-version-for-5d-mark-iii"]Go here to download the file (you must be a donator to access it, large or small it doesn't matter)[/url]

The first Alpha version of the 5D Mark III Magic Lantern port has been outed. 5D Mark III owners can give it a go. I am going to try it myself (thanks Alex). The initial feature-set is quite small, and there's no bitrate tweaks yet. These will be added later by the test and development team step by step once they are seen to be stable.
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"There may be a detail bump as well, and with the new much more powerful processor on board who knows what else will be possible? It will be interesting if they enable full HD HDMI out, as Canon said that was a hardware restriction."

Yes, the [b]Digic 5+[/b] is about 17x faster than Digic 4, and Canon has said so many things in the past... <_<

Peaking and many other features are obviously more than possible and work GREAT, enough to be implemented in an official firmware...
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These guys are really picking up the slack. I'm sure there were tons of people that bought a 5D3 for stills... But probably just as equal, it was the most anticipated camera amongst the indie guys. Now all of these cameras are being announced 6 months later.. The 5D3 has gotta be capable of a hell of a lot more... And it damn well should be for $3500!

Andrew you took the OLPF off of yours, and it wasn't a discernible difference in image quality? What would fix this thing, ...besides bullets?
Faster sensor readout? Could Magic Lantern allocate more processing power to that task? (is that a stupid question? Digic 5+ is supposed to be pretty fast..).

Clean HDMI:)
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I told myself I wouldn't install an early version of ML on my 5D3 for fear of bricking my camera, but now that it is actually available, damn it if I can resist the temptation.

I love ML on my T2i, T3i and 5D2 and use it professionally. I'll be donating again. Hopefully that can put some more fuel on the fire.
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