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  1. Imagine you make a Chroma Key with the GH4. And the final result has to be 1080p What would you do? With native 4K 8bit 4:2:0 (and after that convert to 1080p) OR with converted 1080p 10bit 4:4:4? I understand that it would be better the first option, because you work with more data, but perhaps the second one has other advantages... Simon.
  2. Is there a speed booster in order to use Canon EF lenses with my GH3? I am a bit confused with the combinations....
  3. Why the Phantom cameras are so exclusive? Why Canon or Nikon cant make a 1080p at 1000 fps? I think they have or can have the technology needed.
  4. And what about Global Shutter?   IMHO in order to compete against BMC 4K they would need to offer global shutter.   Simon.
  5. If a 5d2 can do this, what could we get from a Panasonic GH3?     "The GH3 has a quad core CPU, outclassing even the dual core DIGIC5+ and assisting DIGIC 4 found in $6000 Canon 1D X." (From EOSHD : http://www.eoshd.com/content/9011/the-panasonic-gh3-is-here )
  6. Let's calculate. With a typical home 42 inch panel sitting 3 meters away. The screen width is around 1 meter, so you have 2 right triangles with major catheti of 3 and minor catheti of 0,5, ok?So the tangent of the angle of one of the triangles is 0,5/3. We need to know the arctangent of 0,5/3, arctangent (0,166) = 9,46 degrees. We have 2 triangles, 9,46*2= 18.92 degrees. You can do the calculations with the windows calc in scientific mode. With the value on the screen (0,166) press [b]Inv [/b]and then [b]Tan [/b]to do the arctangent. 1920 pixels divided by 18.92 degrees of vision = aprox. 101 pixels/degree. Sitting at 2 meters from the same screen you get 68 degrees, more than that 20/20... Well, now DIY. Simon. P.D. I am not very good at maths so if there is one or several errors tell me. If somebody is very interested in the design of the living room (size of TV and positon of the sofa) I could make an excel spreadsheet.
  7. [b]EOSHD:[/b] And that is also due to the European tax issue? [b]Jesko:[/b] Yes that is true (29 minutes) 6200 € (8000$) and they are saving with recording devices tax? Is that tax proportional to the price of the camera? Simon.
  8. [quote name='simonfilm' timestamp='1346803306' post='17337'] Wifi means that you could use an iPad as a monitor? [/quote] Would be incredible if it could do the functions of the Cameramator [url="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/urashid/cameramator-wireless-tethered-photography?ref=card"]http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/urashid/cameramator-wireless-tethered-photography?ref=card[/url]
  9. If I were Canon I would try to give the best improvements with a new 5D3 firmware WITHOUT keeping anything in the hat.
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