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  1. Hi Andrew,   Thanks a lot for this very in-depth post.   - Could you please give more details about this?:   "There’s no recording limit as the 4GB file size limit of FAT has been broken and the camera uses ExFat formatted cards"   Isn't the CF card formatted as FAT32 with a 4GB limit? didn't understand what you mean.   - It would be great if you can post a thorough article about current available choices of anamorphic lenses (used and news), AND how to do a good job working with them when also shooting with normal lenses in the same sequence of the film.   Thank you very much   Regards
  2. Great post Andrew. It has been proven several times, all these DSLR cameras have a HUGE potential inside which is not fully delivered to customers due to a marketing and business matter. That is clear and known on every large product line manufacturing strategy. The company has to "segmentate" their products to get more profit, even when they could deliver a MUCH better product with only a more featured software (firmware). The point is: how much are these companies going to limit / "cripple" their products (cameras in this case)? For instance, a $3,500 EOS 5D Mark III SHOULD be able to deliver more and better video features / performance. The same happens to the EOS 1D X. NONE of them have a BASIC video feature like "Peaking", even when [b]Canon called the EOS 1D X as "The Film-maker's DSLR" in their official press release[/b]: [url="http://www.hdcamteam.com/2011/10/20/canon-eos-1d-x-needs-firmware-update/"]http://www.hdcamteam.com/2011/10/20/canon-eos-1d-x-needs-firmware-update/[/url] There are cheaper cameras made by Sony and Panasonic with Peaking and better video resolution. Without a doubt Canon (and Nikon) [b]CAN deliver much better video features in their current DSLRs just via Firmware Update[/b]. How much they can do? That is up to their convenience from the business perspective, and the hardware limitation on each model. BUT the current hardware has huge potential which is not being exploited. Magic Lantern has already clearly proven it. Lot of those features could be implemented in an official firmware because they work perfectly. There is no technical reason to deny it, only business reasons. If the whole community complained and requested to Canon to improve the firmware of expensive cameras like 5D Mark 3 and 1D X [b]in video mode[/b], there would be more chances to get at least some of those very possible features and improvements. It's a shame that [b]HACKING cameras[/b] is the only way to get some [b]basic features/improvements[/b] when manufacturers decide not to deliver them to customers, even when implementing those improvements wouldn't hurt their sales (in fact it could increase sales in many cases). "Peaking" in Canon & Nikon DSLRs is a very clear example, not to mention the hack to the Panasonic GH2. [b]We all hope Product Managers of such big companies think more about this and change their minds in a more open and modern way.[/b] Regards.
  3. "There may be a detail bump as well, and with the new much more powerful processor on board who knows what else will be possible? It will be interesting if they enable full HD HDMI out, as Canon said that was a hardware restriction." Yes, the [b]Digic 5+[/b] is about 17x faster than Digic 4, and Canon has said so many things in the past... <_< Peaking and many other features are obviously more than possible and work GREAT, enough to be implemented in an official firmware...
  4. Hey Andrew! Did you test the 40mm pancake with Okii USB controllers? In such case how did it work? Does the 5D3 identify the lens for Peripheral Illumination Correction / Chromatic Aberration correction? How was the AF while recording video or in live view mode with this lens on the 5D3 compared to other Canon lenses? As far as I know, since the AF motor and diaphragm system is [b]in the lens[/b], current Canon DSLR should be able to take advantage of the AF and smooth aperture change of this lens (via Firmware update). Could you check if the pancake has the exact same lens connectors as other EF lenses? I'm suspecting upcoming firmware update for 5D3 will include support for this. Thanks!
  5. Hi, It's clear the 1D X has improved at least two aspects: - Video compression - Image resolution / sharpness I've been watching some 5D3 test with ML and I can assure there is still enough room for processing... So I really don't think Canon cannot improve the firmware to get better ALL-I compressed files and many other aspects of video. In fact ALL-I compression improvement was one of the first requests after watching many ALL-I tests which show more blocky and noisier footage in low ISO than IPB mode, especially on scenes with not much detail or movement. Constant bitrate was also requested for ALL-I since VBR drops very quickly in the mentioned scenes (hence, poor quality) Regarding resolution, I don't think Canon cannot improve it either. Digic 5+ has great processing power, it's indeed processing the video noise reduction in real time (even if you disable it) and many other aspects not "transparent" to the user. As mentioned above I've seen ML tests running on 5D3 and there still lot of processing power there... [b]So if Canon does not improve the video quality of 5D Mark 3 via Firmware Update is simply because they do not want to.[/b] They could even also add better focus assist options, still denied to users (but available in other brands, with no more powerful processors, and of course in more expensive Canon cameras) It's crazy that Canon doesn't even implement "Peaking" on 1D C for $15K... Most of these reasons are not hardware limitation, but pure marketing segmentation and strategies. Crippling cameras is so bad and nasty... "Canon should have delivered more for the $3500." Completely agree. [b]Canon STILL SHOULD (and CAN) deliver more for the $3,500 Canon 5D Mark III[/b]. I really hope many other people request to Canon and competition helps pushing them to improve Firmware.
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