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Blackmagic Design CEO Grant Petty explains design process behind the cinema camera (higher frame rates MAY come later in firmware update)

Andrew Reid

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[quote name='FilmMan' timestamp='1346822884' post='17347']
BlackMagic in the field. Interesting. These guys used it. Enjoy.
"This is NOT an RED Scarlet or Alexa replacement, but if you have a no-budget shoot, or if you need a decent “B Camera”, then this is a fantastic option. This camera is incredibly cheap for what it does – but at the end of the day you get what you pay for."

I stopped reading their blog after this statement. What are they implying? What exactly is the BMC camera with a 2.5k RAW image not delivering? This makes absolutely no sense at all. Sorry to be so blunt, but anyone who subscribes to the philosophy of "you get what you pay for" in this day and age, has their head in the sand. I would really, truly, like to know, what are they NOT able to achieve with this 13 stop, clean 1600 ISO, RAW shooting, compact sized camera?

...sounds to me like they are just trying to set-up a scapegoat in-case they fail in the creative process. It was nice about 5 years ago when the excuse of "well we only shot on a $3,000 camera" actually meant something. It means nothing now. The BMCC can produce a image that rivals ANY major release in modern cinema. The only factor that matter now is you, and your talent. This is probably why it's getting so much negativity already...
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for all future BMC users this is "coming to age" process ... going from DSLR and baked gammas to RAW can be hard ....
and people will make mistakes ... its much easer to professional DPs with all direct help from camera manufactures and digital experts...
but indie guys will be left alone to help each other ...for me that blog post was very helpful , more than some camera reviews .... their mistakes make our skills better ...
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It's a lot more work. Many are used to cameras that "bake-in" a look or feel. The BMD will spit out a raw look and you rise or fall by how you treat it. Great power is great responsibility and all that. It's lots of layers of things on low percentages of opacity and mix that really make a nice look I find, things become more organic.

It's the interaction of various layers of user-controlled non-linearity that introduce a human feel to raw and high dynamic-range digital media.
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In England we call Australia 'Oz' :)

It is my slang and I decide how to spell it :)

The Blackmagic camera is a good camera in that it gets the hell out of the way and lets the DP have the final say. Who wants all this onboard processing and all these fiddly buttons? Not me!
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