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1.5 X squeeze?


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Hey guys,

Starting to get a little collection of anamorphic lenses going.. I've got the Century 1.33, an Isco 1.75 (coming in the mail next week), Kowa 2X and Schneider 2X.

Any suggestions for a 1.5X squeeze anamorphic? An Iscorama is out of the question: They're overvalued, IMO.
I'm looking for something sharp, edge to edge.

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The two best 1.5x anamorphics are the little Moller Bolex Anamorphots. They come mainly in two varieties, the 9/18/1.5x and the 16/32/1.5x. Both have increased in value a lot over the past couple of years.
A) They are quite rare,
B) They are incredible quality (better than ISCO in my opinion),
C) They can be used wide open with almost any lens with hardly any degradation.

Expect to pay between $800-$1300.

I have the LA7200 1.33x, Century 1.33x, Kowa 8z 2x, Proskar 16B Keiham 2x, Proskar 16 Ischico 2x and the Bolex 16/32/1.5x.

What can I say about the 16/32/1.5x? I absolutely love it, so no chance of selling. Only drawbacks are the obvious twin focus, and it's a pain in the arse to mount due to its rear element design. With a good combination of step down and step ups it's not too difficult. Just difficult to figure out. I can use it down to about 28mm on Canon FDs (bit of vignette at infinity and stopped down), 28mm on my Tokina 28-80/2.8, and down to 24mm on my Tokina 20-35/2.8.

Here's a test I did ages ago. The video should be downloadable (I think, might need to be Pro). https://vimeo.com/37925377
Notice the amount of detail and sharpness in my wife's blouse in the corners, as well as the pillow my daughter was playing with. Incredible sharpness and detail across the frame.
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It's quite difficult to find a sharp (and not so expensive) 1.5x anamorphic lens nowaday. I saw a 1.5x projection lens made by Isco on ebay for $600 two months ago. Maybe if you keep your eyes on ebay you might get it although they probably need to focus on both lens.
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