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  1. I do modifications on big to medium lens, the last one modified Moller 63/2x minimum fd was 1,8m (6ft) until couple of days ago, when modified even further, haven't tested it yet. The price of modification for lens is 250-500€. Optional rehousings available. Waiting time 30-60 days. Servicing starts at 85€, waiting time 7-14 days. You pay shipping charges both ways.
  2. Ok so there was a previous forum thread regarding a rehousing project for the LA7200. Based off the video there, I have had this design in my mind for my own rehousing project and improvements as well for close focus and/or marrying the LA7200 with a manual focus lens and making an all in one lens solution for the Canon 5d Mark III.   Progress is starting off well. Getting the hang of AutoCAD and designing as such.   I am planning on first prototyping with a 3d printer I have access to then going to a further manufacturing step from there. Not trying to get too ahead of myself however you can keep track of the progress and id appreciate comments or suggestions regardless as I try to work this out.   Steps:   Design model in AutoCad --- 15% Port model into Google Sketchup 3D print prototype Test Prototype Test again.... Make changes... Probably test again.... Use AutoCad model for CNC machining Produce final model.   Planned features...   Close Focus and far focus at a twist of the ring. Easy to handle enclosure Focus ring easy lens adjustment Standard housing to fit Cokin P or other diopters much easier   Possible features   15mm rail mount auto adjusting focus solution Housing combined with Aperture adjustor on a Canon FD manual Lens Direct connection to the 5d Mark III basically making it a hack lens using a custom EF mount or 72mm thread AF confirm chip? (not a bad idea) All the lens flares! (ALL THE LENS FLARES!) Er multicoating removal. Something like that.   Close to exact Measurements via caliper - (short of cutting the existing enclosure in half. I could not get the measurements exactly for how close the back and front lens elements are in terms of distance)   Front Element - Concave Width: 84.90mm Height: 72.96mm Depth: 16.25mm   Rear Element - Convex Width: 52.96mm Height: 40.99mm Depth: 4.13mm   Front Element Holder depth - 17.82mm Outer Hood Depth - 13.14mm   Approx 23.8mm distance between the two lenses. (not entirely sure on this. Like I said, cant figure it out unless i cut the thing in half and really I want to be able to use it until the enclosure is finished at least)   All in all, working pretty well so far. Got the elements into AutoCad, and its time to start designing the enclosure for it.  
  3. I have been thinking about a rehousing project for a while now. What I want to do is rehouse the taking lens and the anamorphic adapter in one lens body. Originally I though about converting to a single focus system , calculating focus distances for each lens and adjusting the two helicals or grooves so that the Helios and the SUN would move together with the turn of a single focus ring. Now the calculation and the actual creation of at least one nonlinear helicoid would not be an easy task so for now I am designing a lens body for dual focus.   There should be two lens groups that move separately: Front group is the front lens group from the SUN Back group is the back lens group from the SUN and both lens groups from the Helios   This way when I turn the rear focus ring not only the taking lens focuses, but also the distance of the two SUN glass parts changes (the anamorphic part focuses in the right direction, but not exactly the right amount). The front focus ring would only need minor adjustment.   Goals: Two lenses in one body Easier focusing Reversing the focus ring turn direction on the SUN glass part Reduced minimum focusing distance Tough, durable body (probably an inner shell from one piece of aluminium) Very small amount of parts (harder to machine so we'll see) No alignment issues Canon EF mount Built-in tripod mount (proper balance on a tripod) non-rotating 58mm filter thread (the current mod has a rotating thread)   I will post some drawing to clarify what I wrote above.
  4. Hi everyone! I've recently started to work on this project that might interest other users in this forum. I'll need some help in the process. One of my main interests in this development is to keep the whole process "open-source" so anyone can reproduce the rehousing based on what we share in this topic, staying as far as possible from a monopoly with ultra-high prices! :D We must agree that the Panasonic LA7200 is an interesting lens, right? But, as all others, it has its quirks and downsides, mostly related to its body design. Plastic is just cheap and fragile. It's very easy to lose parts of it (tiny screws, mostly), not mentioning the deep thread that requires more step rings and the square-front which makes diopter use way more complex than should be. Also, its weakness for close focus or shallow apertures is very well known. What if all this could be solved in a big move? What I'm planning is a full rehousing of this lens, improving every aspect mentioned in the previous lines. - Round, full-metal body - Internal alignment mechanism based on three screws instead of one (like a clamp) - 67mm, exposed rear thread - 114mm front thread, with various step-downs that won't increase the distance from the front element (non-standard design) - Very easy to remove glass for cleaning - "Focus adjustable", based on a push-pull concept, for closer focus, or longer rack focusing. Sounds good? What else do you guys think could/must be improved? I already have multiple sketches around these ideas but haven't started precise modelling yet, nor have contact with any CNC owners that might be interested in the project. If anyone wants to partner, please, speak up! My direct email is ferradans at gmail.com ps - the focus part is mostly based on this video, but with a body around it! hahaha https://vimeo.com/23042151
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