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  1. Hi everybody, Here I'm with another question. I shot with my anamorphic and GH2 in 4:3 mode with jpg mov codec in black and white. I shot with nostalgia mode. I would like to convert to prores to work on FCP7, so with prores will be better option to handle post, more speed, etc... The problem is that I saw on my test a gamma shift after the process from conversion with Compressor. The black gone down a little. My expose on camera is already a little down so I really don't want to get lower on these issue. What do you think about these? Maybe is better to work with the native codec. Or maybe someone knows a better app to convert without gamma problems. Best regards. Francisco.
  2. Hi everyone, The other day I finished editing some videos that I've been woking on. http://vimeo.com/50466184 This was an experiment in shooting Black and White at 720p 60 fps for slow motion. Other then some minor issues with compressing for Vimeo, I really like how this one turned out. It was shot on a GH1 with Pentax 50mm and 80 ~ 200mm lenses. It was shot on Mt. Tabor overlooking the Portland city skyline. It just so happend that it was the Fall equinox on that day hence the name. http://vimeo.com/50510429 recently I went to a local skatepark with my son and shot some video of him and his friends. I wanted to shoot a skate video that didn't look like the typical films of that genre. this was also to practice flow focus and shooting action which I never do normally. Agin, Shot on GH1, 1080p 24 fps with Pentax 50mm. Comments and critique welcome. Thanks for watching. :-)
  3. Hi, Hope someone can help with these issue. I shot in JPG MOV 30p 4:3 with anamorphic Moller 2X in Black and white. Now I want to convert 29.97 to 23.97 . I used compressor to do that task, but the blacks get crushed. To fix that I set in compressor a gamma correction. The original setting is 1,0 and I drop it to 0,86. On that way the picture stay very similar to original. Does anyone else know how to handle in a better way these issue? Best regards. Francisco.
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