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  1. it looks like a beefy S1H'd R5 but the one thing that bothers me is the battery life. To get a rig with acceptable shooting times you have to put money into a dedicated battery system.
  2. That is correct, although they don't pump out reviews that often. Their reviews are often followed by ads or product showcases.
  3. I'd like to add that the content that Chris and Jordan make is largely audio except when you want to see example shots and possible cons of a lens or a camera to get a better view of what they're talking about. I am in the small minority that talks about the color palette being too drab across all the videos of DPR TV and it's not that they have to make every shot interesting by grading it to look more vibrant and exciting. But when I see what they're using to record the reviews it makes you think: are they lazy? If I'm shooting a review and have my name basically as the editor I would then put my best foot forward.
  4. Well, at least Jordan Drake from DPReview didn't grade these, the shots look exquisite!
  5. It's not all about the grading, no one had a gun to his head forcing him to shoot and grade this exact shot. He should have enough experience to know what looks great and what doesn't. If there's no light outside then maybe shoot the same internal RAW showcase inside with lights? Jordan has worked with cameras and different equipment while making videos for a decade. I am holding him to a high standard because he should know better.
  6. color grade - YouTube My taste in grading. Camera: Z6 ,shot in ProRes RAW HQ
  7. "This is a low/no budget camera review." *price is set at $5 999* I'm not going to mention the price of the kit when it comes to RF-glass and the memory cards. When you see someone saying they're looking for a camera with little to no budget, are you going to offer this as a reasonable option? Stop taking what ever it is that makes write that hyperbolic and disingenuous garbage on 2nd/3rd paragraph, looks like a JPEG-shooter's opinion anyway.
  8. Canon R3 Final Review - YouTube @ 6:26 Jordan: "if you need tons of flexibility in post, this lets you record RAW video internally--" and the example of the flexible grading you're able to do with the internal RAW looks like he did the example grade in 5s, he raised the shadows in the underexposed clip and upped the saturation but that's it. Lazy if you ask me.
  9. Could be a great accessory if you're on a vacation at a hot destination where the sun is blazing on the black chassis.
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