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  1. Massive Leica SL2 upgrade for video with free firmware update to 3.0 was released yesterday. 1. Internal uncropped 10 bit 50/60 FPS with L-Log. (External recording with Atomos is no longer needed to do this) 😲😲😎 2. Preset follow focus for smooth focus pulls 3. Live waveform 4. LUTs preview and other stuff Clever move by Leica to enable 10bit 60p by moving to H.265 encoding and presumably save enough bandwidth to record 10bit. Downside obviously is H.265 is still a delivery codec, not easily editable and not prores from Atomos. But I’ll take log slomo without a bulky external recorder any day over prores for my non professional needs.
  2. Has anyone used an M1 Mac with 8k raw from R5 in the new Resolve 17.1 (optimised for M1)?
  3. Is there any knowledge or educated guesses if the ProRes Raw 5.7K will be limited to 30p (or even 24)? Im considering S5 purely for raw video codec, which I’d want in 60p. So its either S1H or a7sIII otherwise but those offer more stuff for more money, but i have most other features already covered by an SL2. I used an fp for raw so far but no ibis and no 60p made me move on.
  4. Price of Hero 9 is the same as Hero 8, which I’m pretty sure is lower than what I paid for Hero 7. It’s £279, granted you need to also prepay for annual GoPro plus subscription. Which clearly is a popular product, so many including me pay anyway. Also as long as you need a camera to be bolted onto something GoPro will be in business. diversification is a lot of times a poor business strategy as companies are known to lose focus. Doing what you do best and evolving it while looking for the next game changer is what they should be doing. 1” sensor is no good because it would require a focusing capability. Not something anyone wants to use when the thing is bolted to your head. Look at RX0 - limited use camera with 1” which is not a competitor to GoPro. I had it, it’s cute but mostly falls short of anything it tries to do.
  5. I still get no 4K on SL2 and for example 85/1.2 with this 1.3 update..
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