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  1. I see videos on vimeo that i enjoy more because I follow those directors/dps/producers etc. there than I see on youtube. On Vimeo you follow those people and on Youtube you have commercial accounts and youtubers. Vimeo is for people who do videos I look up to and youtube is for everyday videos, gear reviews, tutorials and "general culture". But I no longer consider vimeo as a viable payment plan. Their user experience is too bad to recommend.
  2. I second that. I can no longer recommend Vimeo. In the last few years, I've had terrible viewing experiences when I don't have that issue on youtube. Vimeo is only recommendable for "community" but even that is no longer the case as it once was.
  3. I think if they're smart, they won't release a new camera this years and drop the prices for the p4k and p6k even more. Seems more like a reaction to the new competition (r5, s1h, zcam) than antecipation for a new release.
  4. You're probably right. The fx came as will always have pro connections, audio and other features beyond image quality that make them still relevant for many types of work
  5. It's not about the 10bit. Sony said they're going to exceed expectations with a7s 3 and to do so, I'm not seeing how they're not going to hurt fx9 sales. A camera that looks to be great that maxes out at 4k 60p. Off course there's a lot more to the fx9 than just video specs but still...
  6. But what was the difference in price of the C300 and the 1dc? They were pretty expensive and the 1dc was part of the cinema line. The alpha series are not part of the fx series. And people tend to forget that pro cameras are much more than looks. You have professional outputs and connections, xlrs, nds, different codecs and gammas, etc. Not something to ignore if you do this regularly. I could be wrong but I'm not seeing where sony can go with a7s 3.
  7. If we look at the fx9, it's basically an fs7 with a fullframe sensor. If the fx6 is going to exist, I don't know what specs are left for the a7s. Ibis, average audio, micro hdmi, better af and great low light performance?
  8. it's the same move as the transition from fhd to 4k. When we started to get good 1080p, brands started the push for shitty compressed 4k. 8k seems the same move, but now the problem is compression and file sizes. A good 4k with 10 bit 422 and a decent price will compete with the r5. half the price but great image quality.
  9. No way it will have eND or prores. That's a feature for the video cameras and Sony has its own codecs. 8k it's not needed, it will be compressed to much. 6k is a good middle grown. And the a7s is a low light model, so I don't know how many megapixels they can cram in there and still be a great low light camera. 4k 10 bit 422 is much more needed. Now we understand why they moved the date. It's such a non event that it would be missed on Canons event day.
  10. A shoulder rig is something I already have. The quality of life features you mentioned are included in this model, so that's why I was asking. It has xlr, dv battery or v mount, seems lightweight and has plenty of resolutions and codecs to work with.
  11. One of my biggest curiosities about this camera is the audio quality. Wondering if this could compete with a c300 or c500 for a documentary camera.
  12. This is seems one of the best purchases of the next few years. Total future proof.
  13. I love the movecam battery plate with two npf batteries.
  14. - 8k may have a severe recording limit. - The memory cards
  15. Time of day, good exposure and white balance.
  16. This new price with the Luca booster has become even more interesting...
  17. Maybe. Is it true that you can't change your wb with prores raw like other raw files? On paper looks great but I really don't see the appeal of that codec.
  18. But no cameras are using it. Only recorders and that dji drone. Atomos are the only ones pushing for this.
  19. Prores raw seems like a lost cause without DaVinci resolve. It's been 2 years and no major brands use it or support it. Looks more like a marketing strategy for atomos than anything else.
  20. The C300 was a success because despite the underwhelming specs, the image was great and had a broadcast codec. This new model seems great as it still continues as documentary camera, with better Dr, a few more frame rates, a variety of codecs and a new modular system. It's an improvement of an already solid model. Documentary cameras don't need the high resolution of the c500. Just a good codec with decent resolution and solid audio quality.
  21. You want all that, you can buy the fx9. If the fx6 exists, maybe that as well. No way a mirrorless camera will have the E Nd.
  22. Check and mate? You just repeated what I said. A good 4k 10 bit codec. How's that check and mate...? And who really needs raw? A good solid 10 bit codec like prores is more than enough for most cases. Raw is cumbersome, heavy and expensive in the long run.
  23. While the r5 has great specs, theres still a lot to be desired in a 4k full frame good 10bit codec sony alpha camera. Resolution isn't everything. Sony already has good DR, it only needs a proper codec to handle it.
  24. I doubt it since it only has clog. For better dynamic range, you need clog 2 or 3.
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