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  1. Ah yes. Jinnitech, a ‘company’ run by a single person is just on the same moral standing as Red.


    If Apple decided to crush a hot dog stand ‘company’ of one employee operator well that’s just the business world for ya!  Nothing to see here.

  2. 54 minutes ago, seanzzxx said:

    I'm sorry, but as someone who actually has a legal background, you can't just pull up the law and guess at what it means. And trust me, while he attempts to sound very authoritative that is all that he is doing if you don't show your work. Show me precedent or other substantiated legal arguments otherwise this is just a complete joke. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like REDs aggressive litigative practices.

    He's already going to court relatively soon.  I'm not sure what more you want from him?  Who else on youtube or TV or written press or (lol) social media does what you are asking for?  Super duper long form legal discussion for a lay-audience?

  3. 1 hour ago, rawshooter said:

    Then he should make the effort of writing down his insights in a well-structured paper/article, with an abstract, summary and clearly laid out arguments, instead of producing convoluted truther-style videos. Sorry, but they don't meet even minimum standards of journalism or research, and wouldn't pass any editor (except maybe at Infowars.com).

    And I actually would applaud if someone in the industry would stand up and sue RED so that its RAW video patent goes away.

    The RED subculture is a strange one, both on the company's side and on the side of its enemies. It's like getting into a cult like Scientology. I personally want to keep my mind clear of that nonsense.

    Keep punching down on behalf of a heartless toxic tech bro corp.

  4. My gripe is the whole mentality of:


    1)Company/person did great things for the industry!

    2)Product just works and works great!


    ....therefore, they get a free pass to do whatever they want because they earned that privilege.



    also it seems reduser is leaking into the YouTube comments for video 4.  Pretty much the same sentiment.

    ”Red products have done great things for my career.  Therefore they are above reproach.”

  5. 6 minutes ago, Savannah Miller said:

    Are you suggesting someone develop a new prores-like codec that is NOT prores?

    Yes but why hasn’t it been done in the decades since?  It’s not a complex codec.  If Apple asks so much for it why not just roll your own and make it free.  I guess Apple prices their licensing just below what the development and maintenance costs would roughly be?

  6. Read the article. The stuff Graeme says is clever but IMO not novel.

    Raw mosaic image data is just 3 single channel images that go together in a way that is described by the mosaic pattern(Bayer or something else).  Much like audio you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to store 10 channels of audio vs 2 or 1 with any codec.  Same with image data. As far as the image processor is concerned you have 3 (black and white single channel) images to compress. It’s up to the de-mosaic code later to assemble the image into a viewable form on a traditional pixel display.  Prior art, obvious, stills cameras doing it already for decades.

    As for the preprocess curve again it wasn’t anything new. Digital stills cameras and video cameras were doing the same thing by applying a curve/LUT to the image prior to compression in order to give more data to a specific luminance range while taking it away from another.  And that technique isn’t limited to capture devices either it’s used in all manner of signal transmission technologies going back decades.  Remember Dolby on cassette tapes?


    Again, very good use of technology. Just not novel.  Not defensively so anyway IMO.


    Red wasn’t successful because they were innovative. They were successful because the rest of the industry was lazy and protective and not forward looking.  They deserve some sympathy for sure but that’s going to wear thin to none in light of their aggressive misinterpretation of their product spec, ‘R&D’ costs/wastes excuse, media suppression and general obnoxious ‘tech bro’ attitude.

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