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  1. Also have one and the blue tint is noticeable and annoying. Hoping it can be fixed with firmware. I've also noticed the top "dot" buttons are less responsive than my Pocket 4K. For example, if I turn on false color I have to wait a second before the button will turn it off. Not a deal-breaker, but different behavior than my 4K, which is instant. Anyone else noticing this?
  2. The X-T3 is an amazing tool. If you do decide to go that route and want to buy used, I’m selling mine in great condition with the 18-55. Also happy to answer any questions as I’ve used it a bunch.
  3. Looks so good. Can't wait to see! Here are a few recent projects with this LUT. Loving the results! Uploaded in 4K this time
  4. I appreciate the feedback — I'm always down for any tips on how to make my work better. I'll definitely upload higher quality files in the future. I'm coming from the world of social media, where I take for granted that everything looks rough no matter what I do. I also use a Mac/Safari and can't view 4K on YouTube in the first place #cool. @Sage do you have a recommendation for bitrate for 2560x1440 h.265 for YouTube?
  5. I tracked drums at a session at Bear Creek Studio last week and brought along the Pocket 4K to grab a few shots in my downtime. Only the interview shot was actually "lit" but even with mostly shitty lighting and a quick edit I like how this LUT looks. I'm excited to use it more. Here's one more quick edit. I am not an expert at any of this stuff but I'm super please with how quickly I can get pleasing results. I'll also add that up until this point I'd been using the Buttery LUT — which I do like — however this is the first LUT I've used that actually fixes the greens and what a treat that is.
  6. Where is this news at? In-camera LUT preview would be amazing as would setting shutter angle. Braw or similar would be literally the best thing ever, but I don't expect that.
  7. That would be cool. Is there a workaround for now to get a general feel of what it would look like (with the current GH5 version? Basically I'm not sure how to go about turning Blackmagic Film into Vlog). I'm sure the P4K is a better video camera than the Fujis, but I also do stills and if I can get 90% to the P4K without having to have 2 sets of lenses/UIs/batteries/etc. I definitely wouldn't mind. Couple screenshots as well (from Prores Proxy files nonetheless). Color and contrast is off from what I'm seeing in resolve idk why (they are slightly more contrasty, more saturated, a little warmer IRL).
  8. I'm still relatively new to the grading world (and the Resolve world, and video in general), but this Fuji workflow is pretty amazing. Debating returning the Pocket 4K I just picked up because of how great this makes my XH1 and XT3 footage look.
  9. I am curious if there's any reason I shouldn't return my XSW-D and get this instead. Besides the locking connector it looks better in just about every way.
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