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  1. ah, that link https://petapixel.com/2017/06/12/heres-one-photographer-cured-sony-a9-overheating-bug/ That's too funny!
  2. Sony's... šŸ˜‚ Even their smartphones overheat! https://www.androidpit.com/xperia-z3-plus-camera-crash
  3. What the hell you two now are trying to tell us about!??
  4. yes, camera is not the big deal. You have no need for an expensive camera anymore today. You need production values and skills.
  5. External recording isn't the same thing. RAW too. Not a trouble. It is there to help.
  6. Just a lurker. I don't think the delay with this Blackmagic release is worse than Red was. With a difference. For a fraction of the price. When Panasonic will deliver RAW then we're talking.
  7. When is the release? How much?
  8. There isn't a single post you don't compare the Blackmagic with. Cloudy, to say the least, your hate towards the brand. Buy/order one, bye to your frustration.
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