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  1. GH5s outputs maximum 60fps in FHD and 4K.
  2. It's unlikely to go beyond 12 stops in V-log, this is a stills-oriented camera that operate using 12bit ADC in video mode. Heavy NR also tricks the image analysis software for cleaner shadows (more absolute DR in shadow but not very usable).
  3. To get beyond 12 stops DR the sensor ADC has to be at least 14bit or dual ADC readout. The power consumption and heat management are simply not feasible in a mirrorless stills camera form factor.
  4. Portkeys/IKAN has one, brighter at 1500nit, similar feature set and quite a bit cheaper at $279 https://suikui.myshopify.com/products/lh5-hdr-5-1500nit-4k-signal-support-touch-screen-1920-x-1080-hdmi-on-camera-monitor-with-hdr
  5. It's a hardware limitation, simultaneous HDR has only started to appear in small sensors for automobile use: This one does 20 stops tone-mapped.
  6. XC10 and other Cinema EOS products use DIGIC DV processor, while EOS DSLR/R/RP use regular DIGIC with stills JPEG engine, MJPEG would be the natural choice.
  7. androidlad

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    Removing the 29:59 limit via firmware upgrade would require new serial numbers for every camera sold per EU law. Technically it's doable but logistically nah.
  8. 12bit sounds sensational eh? In reality 12bit linear RAW wastes too much bits in highlight causing shadow area to exhibit artifacts. In many case 10bit log actually delivers better results than 12bit linear.
  9. androidlad

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    Rolling shutter is 20ms in 4K which is ok but definitely not little. 1080 120p is not oversampled in either cameras but a combination of vertical lineskipping and horizontal pixel binning.
  10. androidlad

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    Or use higher ISO for the noise to dither some of the banding. F-log offers between 11-12 stops based on your tolerance for noise.
  11. androidlad

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    Internal 8bit F-log won't be useful for serious work. X-T3 has banding problem even in 10bit.
  12. Official X-T3 V3.0 firmware announcement: http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n190214_06.html Camera Remote V4.0 app announcement: http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n190214_06.html To submit feature requests/bug reports about Fujifilm cameras, please contact Fujifilm directly at: http://www.fujifilm.com/contact/
  13. Canon calls it DS, Sony calls it STF, Fuji calls it APD. Basically makes bokeh outlines smoother than regular lenses.
  14. DPAF is the AF technology at hardware level, it's a variant of Phase Detection AF (PDAF) that Sony implements as masked pixels. What Sony did was a significant algorithm overhaul, it's a software feature hence can be realised with a firmware update. Theoretically Canon can do the same.
  15. You can go directly to 2.10, Fuji firmware updates are cumulative.
  16. FYI in that test, X-T3 was set to factory default setting and the measurements were done with an in-camera JPEG (Provia).
  17. It's nothing to do with Ninja. It's the way Fuji cameras encode video files with confusing metadata that causes the discrepancy. Ninja recordings show the correct colour, the video level just need to be changed to full instead of limited.
  18. 4k60p crop is 1.18x, with v2.0 firmware the crop factor is displayed on the top left corner.
  19. Exactly. The confusing colour metadata tags cause the Fuji internal files to be decoded incorrectly, it doesn't matter if it's video player or video editor. Open a file with MediaInfo and you'll see.
  20. Apply "Rec709toRec601.cube" LUT to Fuji internal files from this pack: http://www.pantarheon.org/601vs709luts.zip Root cause of this problem:
  21. There was a lengthy discussion/investigation regarding this issue. The conclusion was Ninja files show the correct colour. Fuji internal files are handled incorrectly by certain applications including Premiere and Resolve (version dependent) due to confusing colour metadata tags. Reds turn orange and greens become darkened. In high end finishing tools such as Baselight and Scratch, the files are completely identical.
  22. In the pictures your monitor wasn't actually powered via micro USB ?
  23. It's starting to look like it's intentional, to manage processing power.
  24. Fuji just announced V3.0 firmware for X-T3, coming in April. It'll come with all of the above, and a few goodies I'm not allowed to say ? And here are the most requested features according to Fuji: With #8 1080/240P being the top priority and will mostly likely be introduced in a firmware update after V3.0 release.
  25. This one's the best: https://www.lindy.ie/cables-adapters-c1/audio-video-c107/0-5m-cromo-slim-high-speed-hdmi-to-micro-hdmi-cable-with-ethernet-p7228 Full metal connector, slim profile, flexible cable.
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