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  1. 4K pixel to pixel/S35 goes up to 60P and has a bit less rolling shutter (16ms vs 21ms).
  2. On S1 and S1H, 4K pixel to pixel readout is the same as S35 mode, it's a 1.5x crop.
  3. There are quite a few large format anamorphic lenses for Alexa 65 that fit GFX. It’s a new cam because it’s a GFX with X-Trans IV CFA.
  4. Would be great to implement a 3 x 3 colour aware binning on X-T3 for 2080 x 1386 RGB, but I think it’s unlikely because colour aware ADC is introduced in 3.76um gen 2 sensors (IMX461XTK)
  5. It’s an anamorphic mode. And due to a 3x3 colour aware binning, it’s completely free of moire/aliasing, also with drastically increased sensitivity. Kinda similar to those 48mp > 12mp smartphone sensors but much much more advanced.
  6. As you may be aware, Fujifilm has registered three new cameras: FF190001 FF190002 – X-Pro3 FF190003 One of them is a 44 x 33 large format video centric camera with 4K x 3K RGB output.
  7. Sony Professional Video division negotiated with Sony Alpha to reserve IMX571 for its future pro camcorder products.
  8. Yes the upcoming new firmware addresses the AF issue.
  9. There will be a new firmware announcement around the same time as a new product announcement.
  10. a6100: IMX210 a6600: IMX284 Arriving in a few hours.
  11. 4K video on M6 Mark II is derived from pixel-binned 3.5K Bayer output. Disappointing.
  12. It's still the IMX410, full pixel readout can only go up to 40fps @12bit
  13. Rolling shutter performance: 7680x4320/24.7ms 9472x3996/22.2ms 6144x3456/19.9ms(Low Noise)/13.5ms 9472x1332/8.1ms 7680x1080/6.7ms
  14. It's been pointed out multiple times in this thread, that this speedbooster sits completely within the mount as a set of pure optical elements, it does not alter the EF mount in any way therefore does not change the focal flange distance.
  15. https://www.afi.com/conservatory/conservatoryprogram/cinematography.aspx
  16. There are accessory mounts for gimbals that allow you to mount anything from mics to monitors. With a shotgun mic on a shock mount it’s good enough to capture ambience.
  17. Regardless of the output bit depth, they are all derived from linear 12bit readout, there’s no discernible DR difference between 10bit and 8bit on the same camera with the same picture profile, the benefit is flexibility in grading (4 times more bits per stop).
  18. Literally the same as XT3. And literally the maximum permissible rolling shutter given the framerate.
  19. Latest leak: The 60MP mirrorless from Nikon obviously share the same sensor (variant) as Sony A7R IV. But it'll extract the full potential of this sensor in both stills and video department, by employing 16bit RAW mode (as in GFX100) and supersampled 4K video with various crop factors and aspect ratios.
  20. It's purely just glass elements inserted into the mount, designed to work with FF EF lenses.
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