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  1. 1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

    Man I am Not a fan of Center Column tripods for video. Hmm.

    I picked up the Benro S7 for my DSLR. It works great for photography as well. I can't justify big dollars on what I actually want. My everyday tripod for work is a hotpod. OH MAN, I love it and the quick release is beautiful, but my shoulder hates me for using it. LOL

  2. LOLLLLLLL. I see what you mean now. I thought the original statement said "I f'ing hate the GH3 video". You're talking about the merits of the video, I was discussing the actual GH3 as a tool. The video is great and is cutting edge. It was ahead of it's time, especially since everyone has copied that style of narrative in their travel video. It looks like a template for current travel videos, swish pans included. The storytelling is good and so is the cinematography and editing! Sorry if I misunderstood your original comment!

  3. "I hate that F ing video GH3 or not LoL." is a great statement. It is not a not a critique of the video itself, but a comment on the GH3 itself. You can use any tool that you want to create your work. Use a t2i, an arri, a bowlex, a 5Dmkii with magic lantern... The video was created in 2014, which at the time the GH3 was cutting  edge. 4k was not accessible to the masses. I own a canon 80D and owned a c100, and they are my favorite cameras. I have also owned the latest cameras, but I stick with the 80D because I enjoy it. It isn't any better than the GH3. I'm not turning up my nose at that video. Take your blinders off mate. I've been doing video work for a long time, proving myself to a stranger is a zero sum game.


  4. 11 hours ago, User said:

    No, because I don't meddle in 'other nations affairs'... I'm already in a relationship and I'm monogamous :)
    But let me ask you, what's it like living in your mom's basement/ a hard won social democracy, but in a constant state of self-loathing?

    My mom doesn't have a basement (I don't want to be exposed to radon) nor do I live at home. Nor am I a constant state of self-loathing. Why would I? This thread has gone by the wayside, which I am thoroughly enjoying!

  5. 12 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    I thought you owned a a7III?

    I've owned and sold too many cameras in the past year. I settled on the 80D with the 18-35, 50, and 85. It's a decent hybrid camera that complements my ENG cam as a B-Cam. I always buy used from Craigslist or from the local camera shop. I sold two A7iiis! Haha. The Z6 was fun!

  6. 40 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    I think Both Panasonic and Olympus screwed themselves with the pricing of the GH5, GH5s, EAM1 mk II. Hell you can buy a FF Sony a7 III for the same or less. Now you can buy the Z6, EOS-R, XT3 for the same or less. They have shot themselves in the foot big time. And now this A6400. I really do think m4/3 is in big trouble.

    Even if you bring out a GH6 for 1500 bucks it pisses off all the people that bought the GH5, GH5s. They can't win now. Not with this A6400, X-T3, PK4 out. And that  is not counting this new Panasonic S1 FF line. The lower one can't cost more than 2500 bucks or they are screwed right out of the box. So what, they going to charge 2500 bucks for a GH6?

    I almost picked up the a7iii for $1,500. It wasn't that interesting

  7. On 1/11/2019 at 3:00 AM, User said:

    Thank you for that Kai... I know of the situation you describe. I also know that not every refugee is Muslim, but it seems to me that if I were Muslim, I would want to seek asylum in a country that was also Islamic friendly... you know... where my brothers and sisters just 'get' me and my burqa clad wife. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan easily come to mind as they are not war zones. But somehow everyone seems to want the nations with mini skirts social welfare cheques. How odd.
    It would be interesting to me if all Germans suddenly moved to bombed out Syria... I'll bet you that within 10 years Syria would be a model state and Germany would be a shit hole.
    The issue for me is that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and if you have ever sat at length with those who have Allah in the heart and on the tongue, you'll find that things like science, logic and reason often go right out the window. Funny that about religion... and yes the Evangelicals are just as dumb, but they don't blow people up... not yet anyway. I also know that not every asylum seeker is a religious fanatic, and asylum seekers can also be economic refugees. Should the West blame itself for the woes of the world... a little self flagellation? I don't know, sometimes the people get the governments they deserve.
    And finally, if 2 million Europeans sought asylum in an Islamic nation, there would simply be mass killings. But hey, the West has to somehow be the light... and Germany did have a huge labour gap that they wanted to fill... and so it goes ;)

    Feeling the repercussions from meddling in other nation's affairs now? ?

  8. 20 hours ago, jonpais said:

    That last sentence of yours just killed whatever trust I had in your little hands on review.

    If you are referring to me JonPais, then thanks for even having any bit of trust in my hands on experience! I do love all of the tech that is coming out and haven't been much into the DSLR/Mirrorless game for long. I am a fan of paying full boat for something that is definitely priced appropriately! I loved and owned the a6500 when it came out, but the shortcomings were too much for me. I sold my nikon d7000 cause the video was mush. Sold my first 5D mkii within 48 hours (in 2017) because the video was soft. Sold the XT2 twice and X-H1 once because the video was fantastic and SOOC pics were great, but for video there were too many compromises. Battery life, the 4gb file , and you needed the battery grip. Sold the c100 mki because there was no 60P and the LCD was subpar (compared to the mkii). 

    The a7iii checked many of the boxes with IBIS, but to me the biggest letdown was the LCD and EVF.  I've had hands on with the Z7 (which felt really great holding it in your hand), X-T3 (which provides very lovely images and AF and fantastic photography) is definitely worth the cash (mine gets here on Wednesday), the EOS R while lovely, the price is too high $2,300 for a camera that does 720P 120fps in 2018 is really sad. Will it dropping to $1,600 making more palatable? Maybe, but you can pick up an a6300 or a6500 for $6-$900 used and get better 1080p, pick up a GH5 for $1,300 used. You'll still get better slowmotion with those cameras and not overpay! I would pay $1,200 for a 6Dmkii because it's a good camera that is wx resistance and that EF mount allow you to buy some great third party glass like the tamron 15-30 2.8 with VC for less than $1,200 used! The EF mount is very flexible and you have access to a lot of great glass. A lot of choices and it's great to be a visual creator in 2018! 

  9. I went to my local camera shop yesterday had some hands on time with the CANON EOS R... As someone who owned the a7iii for a couple of weeks and then sold it... It was like night and day. My biggest takeaway was that the flippy screen LCD and the EVF were far superior to that in the a7iii. The quality was outstanding. The adapter also worked pretty great when adapting EF glass. The adapter is much nicer too because it is weather resistant. When talking with the rep, he mentioned that the weather resistance of EOS R+Adapter+L-Glass combo would be equivalent the 5DmkIV and not 1DXMKii. This beats the a7III+MC11+L-Glass combo if you live in a weather prone area. The adapter was also really nice because it has a ring that you can assign another function, like aperture!! The inclusion of timecode and focus peaking was good too. How was the DPAF? It was  reallllyy nice. The a7iii with native glass was really good, but was the DPAF was just a bit better. Overall, I am excited for the camera, but I would want to wait til it's about $1,600 or so...


  10. Have you installed the newest firmware on the 35 1.4 Mattias? I looked at the Viltrox and the Fringer adapter when I had the X-H1... I think the fringer adapter worked very well with the 18-35 and X-H1, but at $300... That is pricey! X-T3 is on delay from Amazon, even though I preordered it...  I'm still excited about it, even though I am not a fan of the 4gb file split... :(

  11. Keep up the great work man. I've been following your site for years and the knowledge that you share is always appreciated. People love to get the best out of people cause they're bored. Don't let it bring you down. People like us keep tuning cause the work speaks for itself. Some of us who make a living and get paid to shoot and edit everyday and sometimes we get a little extra money. Not a lot, but we benefit from your knowledge and articles cause they'll steer us in the right direction and then show our support by buying a lut or two!

    There's always a lot of noise and you know what, it freaking sucks that they didn't extend you the courtesy in your own backyard. They totally botched that and goes to show that they don't know who they need to cater to. I trust the folk in this group and you bet your ass that if the BMPCC 4K was worth it's weight in salt, I would invest in the system and upgrade to the big boy cam and their ecosystem. Given their history, they probably won't start shipping til next year... Keep on trucking and putting up the good fight!

  12. I feel like everyone keeps missing the most important fact... How is the 1080P?! I had a c100 and the 1080P was absolutely gorgeous! 1080P downsampled from 4k in camera is freaking sharp! The X-T2 and X-H1 also oversamples 4k in camera and produces sharp 1080P. The same with the GH5... Will this 1080P be same the same old Canon? "Great Color Science" but soft 1080P? It's been this way since the 5dmkii, minus the cinema line...

  13. I appreciate your article Andrew! I also purchased your EOSHD profile for my a7iii, I love it! I am a big fan of the all of the hoopla behind cameras. I LOOOVVVVEEEE watching all of the reviews and keeping up with tech! However, I am also a professional ENG operator for about 8 years... What they provide is entertainment and definitely not journalism. This would be equivalent to payola plugola... Getting your hands on something early on and knowing it's faults is what keeps me loyal to certain folk. Not many folk will ever know what it's like to have to depend 100% on ur gear to get the mission critical shot. As a photojournalist, you're pretty much at the mercy of your gear. I lug a 20lb+ 2/3 ENG Panny, shooting 720P 60FPS for hours on end. I know that i'll probably keel over before my camera ever does. Knowing "Will my camera turn into a paperweight if I go backpacking for a couple of days" is so important, especially if you want to go out and create in less than ideal environments is crucial. I'll follow them for entertainment, and keep getting the scoop here!

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