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  1. Don't be so sure, OLED is 10 year old tech now. Samsung has moved on to super OLED. Even this 8" touch screen super OLED tablet is only $350, and it would be extreme overkill for a monitor. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1245720-REG/samsung_sm_t713nzdexar_32gb_galaxy_tab_s2.html?ap=y&gclid=Cj0KCQjww8jcBRDZARIsAJGCSGutnshH2Yic6avb70AG3ppuFvs4vBzfUBJS86BQiTaZHDmw7IW1NykaAoNaEALw_wcB&smp=y Display really aren't that expensive anymore!
  2. The intro screen mentions 3D Lut, but doesn't specify a model. I000+ nits and lut support at say under 300 USD would be really nice imo. the biggest thing with all of these cheap monitor company is they have horrible customer support. it always shocks me how hard it is to get something as simple as a PDF copy of the manual.
  3. LOL, they aren't winning because they've alienated One driver the other is a petulant child, and Adrian still thinks aero is the only thing that matters. not to mention, the team has alienated all the other engine manufacturers hence the reason they can't get a good one!
  4. This showed up in my Facebook feed this morning. F5 5" 4k hdmi in/out 1920x1080 142.5g F567 5.5" OLED 1000nit 150g looks like 4k hdmi in/out FW279 7" 2200nit looks like sdi and hdmi in/out the F570 & T7 have been out for a little while, but looks reasonable. I've had the T7 on my to buy list for a month or so now, once I've seen a few good reviews.
  5. Time limits are usually put in place for two reasons. To skirt some retarded EU import tax laws Thermal safeguard.
  6. I'm going to go with option number one. my wife and I's wedding phographer who is a well respected and in great demand (destination specialist), is a Nikon shooter. However, you would be extremely hard pressed to be able to tell that she was actually using a ff camera in all but a few shots.
  7. Your lens comparison seems rather flawed, you chose the top of the line m-43 lens (or maybe second), but the entry-level Sony.
  8. Hardly, it has more than its fair share of malcontents, always complaining about Dof, the price/size/weight of pro/fast glass and flagship boddies, not to mention outright trolls saying the system is dead with the release of every camera from competing systems.
  9. In my eyes the bodies aren't the problem, it's the glass. Take your typical higher end zoom kit common amoung those that shoot stills and video. Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 II $1000 Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 II $1100 Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM $2200 Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS $2600 FF. is over twice as much. The sad thing is, I don't think this is something your average person looks into when choosing a system.
  10. I wish, I'm pushing 39, and if you believe my wife I'm 10 years older than that, not to mention I have a general dislike for members of the generation you assumed i was in. On the m43 forum you will find the legions of people who will tell you they left because they wanted smaller kit. By kit they mean lenses and bodies. A lot of them are doing nature photography, and yes at medium to long end the size and weight savings is substantial. Others are people who do lots of travel photography, and use the smaller bodies and smaller lenses, and again the weight saving can be substantial.
  11. Maybe not on this form, but I know a lot of people photagraphers who prefer m-43 to FF due to the size and weight savings, especially when it comes to the longer focal length lenses. If I was looking for something better than my gh5, it wouldn't be a FF hybrid, it'd be an Ursa Pro. Honestly, I think a lot of people who are constantly always wanted to get into full frame have insecurity issues. So many of them have that I need to be a ”real boy” mentality, and to them that means they have to use FF whether it's for Stills or video. I always laugh when I hear people lusting after that "FF look”
  12. What are you smoking? The brand new Z6 in z7 can't even match what the over a year old gh5 is capable of with regards to video. Not to mention they are more expensive!
  13. I'm betting this as well. last year the site was 100% sure Panasonic was going to release an APS-C camera. They didn't, it was the AU-EVA1!
  14. I'm eagerly waiting for this to show up in my inbox.
  15. I'm constantly amazed by the size, weight, quality, & applicability of most MFT bodies.
  16. It's also super light at 415g compared to the gh5's 725g.
  17. I went back and looked them up this evening, and I'm betting you will be surprised. The cactus like flower was shot with the Panasonic 25mm f/1.7. Its on sale at B&H right now for $150. The Purple flower, red/pink flower, squirrel, and turtle where shot with the Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro. This is one of my favorite lenses and is als0 on sale at B&H for $349. The train is the one that will probably shock you. It was shot with the G7's kit zoom 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II. It's not even a very good shot, because if you look close you will see the highlights are blown out in some spots in the clouds. I was rushing to get the shot, and get back on the train before it left the station.
  18. Shallow DOF and wide apertures for sure have a place. What I meant was I have seen far to many instance of shallow DOF being the subject instead of being used to accentuate a subject. In other words people thinking shallow DOF makes everything better. Another example that comes to mind is all the superfluous focus pulls that started appearing after the GH5 was released. A few years back I remember seeing some portraiture shots a guy had taken with an old Canon 50mm f/0.95 He was gushing all over the place about the bokeh, and got pissed when people pointed out the model wasn't completely in focus in most of the shots.
  19. The m50 has a big advantage in this department, because their are a lot more of them out in the world and thus likely to fall into the hands of someone who truly knows how to use them. I can walk into my local Best Buy and buy an M50, I'd have to drive a couple hours to buy a GH5 in person. I'd also say you have to have a decent amount of experience to really get every last drop out of an MFT camera. They can be customized and tweaked in so many way that they overwhelm some people. Playing with the picture profiles and highlight and shadow curves can yield amazing results, but also some horrendous crap. Just the other week a new G9 owner was complaining in another forum that everything was to sharp, saturated, and contrasty. After a few rounds of inquires the group determined he was using the Vivid photo style. He then became petulant when we told him you cant just use any style, and the thread went to hell fast. for reference here are some shots I have at hand that I took with my G7 which has a lesser sensor than my GH5. Make sure to open them in a new window/tab to see the full res version.
  20. Shallow dof is the crutch for all those with poor composition skills.
  21. The gear is not why you are seeing the difference, It's the shooters. A lot of GH5 owners are prominently video focused, while G9 Users are heavily stills focused. IMO, those that are good at one are not always very good at the other. For example check out some of these shots from a person i know of from a different forum.
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