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  1. This is just Panasonic proving to me, yet again, that I made the RIGHT decision when purchasing the GH5 over the A7S II. I will probably never use most of the new features (I am going to have to get an HDR TV now, thanks Panasonic), but it's amazing to know that they're there if I need them. This is a camera that I think I'll grow into, instead of growing out of. I love that Panasonic is listening to its customers and giving them features that the camera didn't ship with. I do wonder WHY the ALL-I codecs look more filmic. There was always something so beautiful about the videos from m
  2. Sorry, Noone, I didn't make myself clear, I was talking about native lenses on the A7 series cameras. You're right though, with the short flange distance, they can adapt pretty much any lens to the A7S series. I had the A7S II in my cart at Amazon when I was trying to decide between it and the GH5. I had the money for whichever one I wanted, but I went with the GH5 mostly based on the fact that I do occasionally get my cameras a little wet because I do most of my videos outdoors and there was a huge discussion in the review section of the A7S II about people who had gotten their cameras wet
  3. IF the 6DM2 had 4K60, or hell, even 4K24, I'd have had to SERIOUSLY consider switching from Nikon to Canon, which would have meant Canon would have sold new lenses, cameras, and accessories. I suspect that I wouldn't have been the only one, either. I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more for a DSLR that could do beautiful 4K, have decent dynamic range, excellent high ISO performance, with functional AutoFocus in video and could take stills that would knock your socks off, all on a full-frame sensor, for a reasonable price ($3000 or less). My D800 has served me wel
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