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  1. Disappointed overall at how the trailer came off. But maybe there will indeed be some clever, impactful plot to enjoy.

    ALSO please tell me someone else noticed that the ENTIRE first 20 seconds (and not just the brief shot of exterior of some house) are in CG not filmed for real? That whole section with Neil Patrick Harris - look at the (lack of) realism of certain parts of his skin, his clothes, the extra saturation in the colours too. Lacking the subtlely of color in real shots or something. Keanu's hair (closest to forehead), the macro-like shot where his fingers anxiously twitch against some fabric, plus the very clearly post-production 'candid' camera shake effect on that part doesn't help either. Why make a scene like that purely in CG? plot significance.

  2. On 11/20/2020 at 2:01 PM, stefanocps said:

    it was just about aesthetic the main reason of my post. Being graduate at cinema studies ( in my univesity the sutdies are all about thery..not practices)  i am interested , a part of all the techniques parts, also about all the question regarding language, ahestetic and so on. My main think about this kind of shooting i am talking about here is that most of the time, it does not really look like motivated. To me i seems more a kind of habit, a fashion style of thelast years that should give some more "live" feel to the action. Sometimes this shake is more noticeable than other..looks like a kind of "fear" of a steady shot on a tripod

    I know the exact vibe you mean.

    It's rampant in highly sentimental low to medium budget pieces with docu- type (but still an artistic piece) video portraits of human subjects. I can already see the examples I recall in my head, a person standing there (not speaking) in their house or other environment of theirs, with their "sleeves rolled up", the camera gently swaying. All very "candid" and ~authentic~. There's a strange sense of 'canned vulnerability' about it at this point, but I suppose there's a reason for everything, its only guilty of being a bit overused really.

    Often shot at 60fps and conformed to 24/25p for a subtle slowmo look but not full blown overcooked slowmo.

    Wouldn't discount certain (other) types of contrived camera sway being added in post, btw. Seen plenty of examples where it was obvious

  3. My only complaint about this was that you actually dropped the bit at the end. Please do more like this! The music & sound was perfect as well, jesus christ I swear I've heard that exact stuff in 50 videos

  4. On 8/19/2020 at 8:42 AM, BTM_Pix said:

    Yes but its a fairly long pipe at the moment.

    The next most likely version of this particular one is a motor based universal version.

    Although the original GX85 hack came from me building a controller for it so you never know I might go back to my roots!



    sorry, old quote here - you mean the GX85 color profiles hack or some other one? That hack was what first brought me to this forum haha. I have to thank you. Did I see right you guys are also based in Ireland?? This device looks fantastic btw. Excited for the Oct 26th thing you mentioned also...

  5. Okay, I do see they've maybe highlighted a use case for hands-free focus (aka autofocus) with that bit in the promo video where it's like mounted to the outside of a car or whatever and tracking another car passing by. Pretty professional high-production-value looking use case to me though where you'd maybe just be able to run with a wireless focus puller solution instead

  6. Have only skimmed the thread and the details on this gimbal so far but, my main question:


    If you're already all rigged up holding a gimbal in your hand and with a gear motor attached to your lens:

    Why would you not just use a wheel on the gimbal to manually pull focus?
    Remember the whole point is you're almost certainly already holding it all in your hand. Follow focus add-on motors on the last gen (Ronin S/SC, Weebill S, Moza Aircross 2) all offer totally usable follow focus already. Why even invite the uncertainty of an autofocus system...

    These gimbals look awesome though and I'm definitely feeling a hint of remorse at having recently bought a Ronin SC that I never even got to take out of the box yet 😅


  7. 16 hours ago, herein2020 said:


    I'm still hoping for something like that too. GoPro's Hypersmooth and DJI's RockSteady technologies are pretty incredible.  A lot of the mirrorless cameras might already have the necessary technology since most of them have an electronic level, I'm assuming that's tied to a gyroscope. Of course this will never happen, but if they all collaborated on an open standard metadata file (kind of like the subtitle srt standardized format) and NLEs got on board as well, it would be awesome to be able to just import the footage and the metadata file and dial in the level of stabilization in real time instead of having to analyze the footage.

    I think an even closer analogy than SRT subs is just how different cameras RAW photos, slightly different though each manufacturer's type of file may be, can all be opened in an editor app and uniform corrective edits (the usual stuff baked into a JPEG like where to reduce Chromatic Aberration etc) applied based on profiles known from each camera model

  8. Yeah when I started to understand how the SteadXP achieved it, I started wishing the actual cameras would make it possible without the middleman by recording the data. But they won't see much of a viable demographic in people who are willing to go off doing that "extra" step. (Not really extra at all in my view of course since I know I'm forever at the mercy of whether my footage needs NLE-based stabilisation in post)

    Each brand's more professional cameras will be aimed at people for whom this is redundant because they simply shoot with professional level solutions i.e. fixed shooting on tripods, shooting on steady-rigs, all the way down to even just people using gimbals maybe.

    Each brand's more amateur/casual demographic will be seen as people who never want the inconvenience of going off to NLE tinkering with this data and just want a no-fuss decent IBIS/digital stab baked in

  9. 6 hours ago, MaverickTRD said:

    I understand they don’t want to undercut their premium line cameras but this is a complete Canon move 

    it has the same sensor and processor as the XT3 and XT4 and they can’t give us 4k60....and they won’t give an update for us to have 1080p240 in the xt3 



    yeah I'm just here looking at the fact that is has the XT4 sensor and wondering "ok, how long til they could give h.265 in a later firmware? otherwise nah"

    4k60 I don't need, if I have a strong 1080p60/96/120 etc

    Lack of any time limit in 4k24/25p (8-bit I suppose...) I would love. Almost a great b-cam to the XT4 if it had it.

    Really cool little 1080p240 + IBIS rangefinder though that I'd be all over if it was slightly cheaper and I didn't already have an XT4

  10. 20 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    Revisiting this topic because it’s pretty much what I have done which is move to Panasonic as my A cam, but S5 rather than S1.

    The smaller size and ‘improved’ AF were just enough to trigger the move.

    XT3 which I still rate very highly, had moved into more of a B cam role, specifically longer form static stuff which I can lock off in manual focus and leave for up to 30 minutes plus as my handheld or monopod AF camera.

    Still testing and fine-tuning the S5 and it may still do the AF role also, but as things stand, it’s MF only right now as it’s not quite reliable enough. Maybe some further tweaking and even a firmware update will make it possible but unless the firmware update that is coming to S1 cameras later this year as a small leapfrog update they also bring to the S5...well it would be next year or not at all. Is there anything much more they could do with a contrast based AF though? I don’t know much about that kind of thing...

    Off topic from the thread but since you mentioned it, how do you find the S5 IBIS? Compared to say gold-standard-y current gen Olympus bodies or GH5 performance?

  11. On 9/30/2020 at 5:33 PM, ac6000cw said:

    I've thought about trying one of the Fuji XT series cameras several times, but it's the retro control dial setup, plus the stills/video switching (no video record button...) that puts me off. I also own an LX100 and while it's a great stills camera, I find it's similar control dial setup annoying.

    As someone who swaps moment-to-moment between stills and video a lot, it's hard to beat the simplicity on a Panasonic m43 camera of enabling 'flicker reduction' to fix the video shutter speed, putting the mode dial on 'P' and then pressing the shutter button to take stills or the record button to shoot video - no dials to move or switches to flick, so less chance of 'missing the moment' because the camera is in the wrong mode...

    Hmm. Fair enough. I have my gripes with the Fuji XT menu system (and to this day still don't know if I can truly even set up a Custom C1 C2 etc) but the physical ergos and form factor I really love. That's coming from using GH5 too, but if I was literally *only* doing professional work (i.e never day-to-day carry or travel/personal use + stills) then maybe I'd prefer the bigger GH5 grip etc.

    But other than that I really love the rangefinder form. GH5 -> GX9 -> XH1 -> XT4 was basically my route here. I haven't felt like I'm missing out on anything at all in terms of video codecs (I don't go near anamorphic) and image quality since going XT4 after my GH5+GX9

  12. vaguely related / don't know if there's any real other thread for this: I'm about to have a Ronin SC and try squeeze as much electronic control of Fuji XT(4) out of it as possible. I think Ronin is still the only gimbal that does full control of electronic focus pulls etc (no external motor) for Fuji cameras, with the gimbal wheel. Let's hope it works out better than the Moza gimbals I used to have.

  13. 8 hours ago, jpleong said:

    The recent stepping fix worked across my Fujifilm cameras (X-T2, X-T3, and X-H1).

    It DOES NOT solve the fixed-aperture stepping-artifact (I say artifact because it's not actually stepping) whilst zooming. I tested with both the XF 18-55mm and XF 55-200mm.

    And... having just recently re-watched several episodes of the Office, I will point out that Zooms are used a LOT in that show as a story-telling tool. I was in the "who the heck uses zoom moves in final footage?" camp until that point.

    as much of a success and comedy/culture touchstone as it is (alive and well in reaction gifs and memes even now),

    If I saw another comedy show doing similar zooms, I'd maybe think "c'mon... The Office did this to death..."
    If I saw a serious documentary of any kind doing zooms I might almost inappropriately infer it as an optical laugh track at this point for similar reason

    But like I said above it works pretty well in some other cases like the chaotic/fast/heavy live music docu stuff.

    I'm also a big fan of slow-crawl-speed push-ins for adding a feeling to some stuff but I suppose they tend to look better done in post or by physically dollying in the camera anyway

  14. 11 hours ago, ac6000cw said:

    This wouldn't be a direct GH5 replacement, but personally I'd like them to put as much as possible of the GH5/G9 tech into the smallest possible camera body - a GX9 size body with 4k60p (even if it had to be cropped a bit) and a mic input would almost be my perfect camera. Combine lens IS with just EIS if IBIS is too space hungry. They could probably get away with dropping the mechanical shutter as well to save space - phones don't have them after all. Small size with good performance is the original ethos of m43, isn't it?

    If these are your criteria and you're a bit flexible on IBIS, surely the XT4 is already perfect? I felt the same way as you, I was (and am) really hung up on wanting the small rangefinder form factor, plus really strong video codecs, plus I.S. and so I switched directly from GH5+GX9 to just an XT4

  15. So I have a Viltrox focal reducer (EF-FX2) adapter for my XT4.

    Of course it has electronic contacts on the back of the mount to send the info to/from lens.

    Problem though: when using it as a smart adapter in this way, you lose the ability to have IBIS function in the camera (at least with all the EF lenses I own anyway).

    Solution, for me at least: tape over the contacts when I do want IBIS (and just manual focus, I'm fine with this, XT4 AF-C is unreliable and my lenses have nice ergos for manual) and don't mind sticking at one aperture.

    Once I'm out and about though I really don't ever wanna be fumbling with bits of sticky tape on and off the adapter when I'd like to change smart<->dumb adapter to get the use of IBIS after electronically changing aperture or something.

    Has anyone ever seen or come up with their own handy solution for a quicker on/off (ideally even reuseable) way of covering/uncovering the electronic contacts on a lens or adapter?

    Simplest of all would be me just buying a second adapter that I keep permanently dumb-ed down with tape always on the contacts, but I'm on a budget here as is...

  16. A drone that really punched above its weight in its time, the Anafi from Parrot, had a 'lossless' continuous digital zoom like this when shooting at less than 4k. Set to a shoulder trigger on the controller. I don't know if there was any oversampling involved even when not zoomed on that thing (I think it had a 20MP sensor) but yeah the zoomed stuff didn't generally look worse than the non-zoom 1080 from what I remember. Great drone vs the DJI equivalents of that gen. Signal transmission just let it down a bit.

  17. Whether using an oversampled crop or a straight crop via digital zoom, compared to using a longer lens, you still zoom in on (i.e. enlarge) two things you may not want: 1. Noise, and 2. any discernable softness in your glass. A longer lens (of equal sharpness and optical quality in all respects etc) gets you your tighter FOV without intensifying noise or softness. But yeah, on the GH5 that's a more clever method than what I used to do (just had Ex Tele Conv set to a Fn button), I hadn't thought about this.

  18. On 9/19/2020 at 11:32 PM, Stathman said:

    Firmware 2.10 available.


    Auto exposure stepping issue fixed. (Auto ISO video mode).

    I can definitely see an improvement on ibis stepping issue too.

    Well done!


    Fuji are really ridiculous about that "minor bugs" thing if they've snuck an IBIS fix in without explicitly calling it out! Great news if so, makes the XH1 even better value, I loved it when I had it but couldn't stand the IBIS.

  19. On 8/14/2020 at 4:46 PM, Xavier Plágaro Mussard said:

    Is anybody zooming in 2020?? Of course, yes to reframe, but I say "keep in editing" zooms?? 

    Documentary / event / general run 'n gun shooters of a certain style, it has uses for them. The Hate5Six guy, it's almost a signature thing of his imo. Though his style is still evolving and not the same for every subject. Also not that he uses Fuji...

  20. On 9/8/2020 at 1:37 AM, 63degreesnorth said:

    I haven’t really kept abreast with this thread so excuse me if this has been touched on before...

    I’m a long time Fuji user. Currently running with 2 X-H1’s and an X-T3. I make most of my money in the stills department but am pushing further and further into video... I have most of the native Fuji fast glass but found for video I much prefer the look of vintage glass. I was lucky enough to inherit my father’s set of Ai-s primes which I’ve cine-modded. Mounted to the X-H1’s (fantastic stills / occasional video cameras) I’ve gotten some pretty stellar results even with their limited 8 bit codec. The softer lenses, older coating formulas cutting down on the overly sharpened image, beautiful highlight roll off + subtle bloom, and lovely organic looking flair (with a high quality ND in front of them). Of course when it comes to rolling shutter and pushing colors around the X-t3’s faster readout and superior codecs shine but I have much more fun just throwing the Nikkor 28 f2 or 50 f1.2 on one of the X-H1’s and just walking out the door.

    In the time I’ve worked with the X-H1’s IBIS (after the firmware updates) I’ve found I can get pretty lovely pans, tilts, push-ins / pull-outs by putting it in a cage with a top handle and adding a bit of weight to the camera. Often in  lieu of a full rig by just screwing a 1-2lb counterweight directly under the center of mass... it seems by limiting the planes of movement (in a relative sense of course) the IBIS really does a lovely job.

    For stills it’s a game changer especially when manually focusing old fast glass but that’s another story.

    My question is has anyone tried this with X-t4? How does the IBIS perform under those conditions. 

    Currently torn between selling the X-t3 and 16-80 and picking up an X-t4 or an s5. Or waiting perhaps another year for an X-h2. 🙃

    Also does anyone know if the s5 suffers from the same latency issues over hdmi as previous Panasonic models? ... if so + lack of the ability to punch in while recording might make it a no go for my use case. Otherwise looks to be a lovely camera - of course a full size HDMI would be preferred!

    Thanks for your time.



    I've used the XH1 and now own an XT4.
    The XT4 is definitely just... better when it comes to IBIS. I found the XH1 to be sickeningly bad for the way I shoot, I had to get rid of it asap. Those little quantised jumps in sensor movement were destroying shot after shot. The XT4 has similar but more well-controlled issues I suppose. It's not up there with Panasonic IBIS though (not like GH5 anyway).


    You're right about the planes of movement thing, this is the key with Fuji IBIS I guess. It just can't handle any sort of movement in more than one plane at a time. Tilt while panning? You'll get tiny jerks and catch-up movements in the stabilisation. Likewise strafing or raising the position of the whole camera in space while panning or tilting. You have to be very deliberate with the XT4 handheld movements. I never use the DIS digital stab. The IS Boost seems to be okay, to be honest I can't tell the difference in what that's doing half the time. It's performance may have been altered a bit in one of the firmware updates and I'm just confused about its efficacy now at this point.

    Something about the XT4 footage stabilises pretty nicely in post, thankfully. Maybe the good performance for rolling shutter is important there. Stick (in DaVinci Resolve anyway) to the straightforward 'translation' type stabilisation and you can avoid the dreaded "warpy shit". So if you're happy enough to polish your footage after that way, you'll get perfectly great results with the XT4 IBIS, yes. Especially with a heavier setup, I guess.

    The codecs are really great. I'm delighted with how well they hold up in terms of noise and dynamic range. They playback/edit fairly well for h265 and all too on my laptop.

  21. Just catching up on what is probably already old news on this now.

    The firmware update "fixing" overheating is exactly the sham I was saying I was wary of. Get a few youtubers with a big neon "Overheating Fixed????" in their video thumbnail and there's just enough misinformation then to keep people buying the product. After those initial first wave of remorseful people who got the thing already, of course.

    Quick firmware updates that don't really change anything (Fuji XT4 IBIS anyone? IS Boost suddenly does worse than nothing? NOT fixed) and nobody's sure what to believe anymore. "Oh but I heard they fixed it?"

    Hope it gets hacked to bits like the GH2 and people who have bought it get a workhorse to grow into for the next 10 years instead of buying another canon body.

  22. 17 hours ago, jack jin said:

    Does the s5 has the ability to adjust the Noise Reduction and Sharpening in VLOG? From what I seen in some videos it seems like those options are greyed out. Which would be a massive bummer since I hate the aggressive noise reduction and sharpneing from these mirrorless cameras. 

    Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 4.37.02 PM.png

    It's probably already "off" in VLog. That'd be the very reason is greyed out

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