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  1. Got my C200 and it really is awesome. Since I didn't found any case for it yet, I've designed my own custom foam insert in AutoCad. I precisely measured every part to fit nice and smoothly into the insert. The foam was sandwiched together and I also let them add a white sheet in between to make it look more sexy! The case type is a Pelican 1610. Video Blog
  2. This is a very good concept! I think nowadays 8-core smartphones have more processing power each year then RED's homebrew ASIC. In my opinion it would really make sense.
  3. Thanks very much Andrew! Didn't knew that. Was searching the ML menus like crazy :-)
  4. Hi there, with everyone talking about 10 & 12bit recording and compressed etc... How do I activate it - can someone help me please? I still have an old nightly build. Just downloaded 113 - 2017-06-26 nightly build and activated "mlv_lite" but there is no option for 10 or 12bit nor compressed. Also there is no "crop mode" option in the movie menu. I use the 5D Mark III. Would be great if someone can chime in and tell me how to enable it. Thanks!
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