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  1. Hey man, I can tell I hit a nerve and I'm sorry. Seriously. That wasn't my intention nor was it my plan to attempt to sour someone's day. I guess one shouldn't have internet conversations the same way one would have conversations in a pub or elsewhere. The tone really doesn't come through. I do stand by the things that I said, though some of the things that you said that I said are things that I never actually said.
  2. No man, it would be pretty hard to hurt my feelings over something as silly as a camera. It's not like I personally designed and developed the thing. I just laugh because I now approach things from a different perspective than you and that's ok. I will respond to your post, but I doubt it will change your perspective. Even if not, hopefully someone will find it useful. Filmic is an overused term imo. There have been hundreds of thousands of films made and somehow filmic is supposed to mean one single thing that no one can quite put their finger on but is definitely (definitely) a thing. I
  3. "But that's not fair! He shot it in a 'cinematic fashion'! It shouldn't count! I want a camera that looks cinematic when I just point it at stuff without taking any forethought about lighting, composition, camera movement, dof, color, etc." Sorry, but I just found your comment too funny to leave alone. I hope you don't mind me teasing you just a bit for it. It's all in good fun I promise. You're totally on the right track, but just haven't quite connected all the dots possibly. Everything you mentioned and more is what MAKES something look cinematic. How much worse would it have look
  4. Can you get a 1/2 second shutter on your GH5 and capture that on the Atomos in 10-bit timelapse or is the minimum shutter speed with that setup 1/24 of a second?
  5. This to me is a big disappointment. The camera should support 10-bit 422 from 2fps to 30fps. I hope Panasonic can fix this is in a future firmware update. Not being able to under-crank in the GH5's best codec is a let down. I'm curious how you use your external recorder to do timelapses in log. Do you go to something like 2fps in camera and if so, how does the external recorder handle that? Does it also record in 2fps or does it fill up a 24p container with duplicate frames or something? Very curious about this. Thanks.
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