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  1. Last summer film, favourite of our family. X-T3 with Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x.
  2. for the Bolex collection. Family at home favourite.
  3. When is the Firmware update and what can we expect. Is there some information about that? just curious.
  4. I am using 8sinn cage after Smallrig. More expensive, but way better clamp for mini HDMI. I also use the 8sinn cable.
  5. Is the free version good enough? do you use this? .. sorry to ask, newby about Resolve.
  6. the alternative, Davinci Resolve? Is there a trial version to download?
  7. If I google, than I find more about this. also here at this forum. Never had problems before ... I think. Solution is not there at this moment as far as I 'google'. Unfortunatelly.
  8. First time I see this. hopefully here others are also using X-T3 and Ninja V and can tell me what I am doing wrong! Filmed with my Fuji X-T3 a ditch and prutrace last weekend, files in HLG on both SD card and Ninja V SSD. Viewing with potplayer, same quality. But... puttig it on timeline in Adobe without any grading, the Ninja file gets overexposed. Is this normal? Or is this an Atomos issue? Settings? I also don't understand there is no firmware upgrade for Ninja V. Any advise?
  9. With my filming qualities I don't believe there is a lot difference. But Ninja V files are definatelly faster to edit.
  10. Filmed with my X-T3 and anamorphic with Bolex 16/32/1.5x. Taking lens Contax G 45/2 rehoused to Leica M. Used Ninja V for recording.
  11. Bolex 16/32/1.5x and Fuji X-T3. Taking lens Contax G 45/2 rehoused to Leica M. Used Ninja V for recording
  12. I am using mostly HLG and Filmconvert. Now waiting for Filmconvert update X-T3 profile with HLG.
  13. Nice that you still like the NX1. For several reasons it still beats new cameras in it's class. NX1 is now 6 years old? inbelievable ? I replaced NX1 by X-T3 last year, but have my NX500 for traveling.
  14. Indeed anamorphic, Bolex 16/32/1.5x. Nice stills also.
  15. screenshot from a film I am now editing. Halfway the hike in Austria the SSD from my Ninja V was full, so I stored new footage on SD card. In Premiere CC I edit both and Ninja files are faster to render than H265 from card....
  16. This is a nice one, congrats! Love to see the results with a 2x scope on X-T3 (I own myself a Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x).
  17. Finally also Fuji in Anamorphic mode. I am using mostly anamorphic lenses on my X-T3. Any idea if this will be in APS-c as well?
  18. It's a bit quit at Fuji. Now that Sony and Pana have some news, it's waiting for Fuji. Do you know when there will be an announcement?
  19. I have X-T3 and before Samsung NX1. Both APSC format sensors. I always filmed with 1.5x stretch scopes. Works perfect, only sidewise a bit cropping. vimeo.com/keeswaque
  20. Thanks! where I live in The Netherlands it's all flat. We like mountains and especially this place in Austria. NX1 is a great machine, but I sold it last winter to upgrade to Fuji X-T3.
  21. With NX1 last summer in Austria;
  22. One more from our holiday in Austria last summer.
  23. From last summer, finally a bit time to edit. Iscorama Cinegon mounted at Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 on Samsung NX1
  24. Thanks Attila, I used F-Log for this one and graded with Venice Cine lut; https://www.sierracreativeco.com. The oval at 2:10 is from the lens, colours from the lut.
  25. Shot this one with my X-T3 in April. I was happy with my Samsung NX1, but X-T3 is way better (except battery and grip). Filmed with anamorphic lens Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x.
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