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  1. yes, and the NX1 is 5 and a half years old....
  2. Enna is stil using NX1. I watch his films often while I also had that great Samsung camera. Now he is testing both, X-T4 and NX1. ISO jump.
  3. found this test, quit new. also about stabilizing.
  4. Andrew, as I know you own also a few anamorphic lenses. Can you please do a test with X-T4 when you have the camera? Thanks!
  5. Not mine, but found this on Vimeo. Looks good to me. Don't know anything about settings.
  6. This is the version and setup I have.
  7. Yes, I have a HCDNA on top.
  8. Why does some guys still believe X-T4 is a steadycam. It's not a promotion for this camera. I could have done a better test, send me that camera please 😉
  9. Thank you Hannah, great lens.
  10. Perhaps as the Bolex 16/32/1.5x thread, any information and films about this 2x anamorphic lens. First short film #solo
  11. Just curious how IBIS / IS works with anamorhic lenses. I really need to see the first videos with 1,5x and 2x anamorphic lenses before I am really convinced to upgrade from X-T3 to X-T4. Unfortunatelly no Open Gate at 4K...
  12. If this is all true, I'll probably wait for it. Perhaps not buying X-T4
  13. Need that and IBIS for anamorphic filming. Every day we get news (rumours) about X-T4. Just wondering what news they are going to tell us February 26th.
  14. Waiting for my new camera.... hopefully it has a Samsung NX1 like body
  15. will XT-4 have the new Samsung/Fuji sensor?
  16. I have the Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 LM as taking lens mounted with dumb LM-FX adapter on the X-T3. After that the Anamorphot Bolex 16/32/1.5x and Rectilux HCDNA for focussing. I filmed this during a photoshoot, not really intend to make a short commercial like film. The Voigtlander 40mm/f1.2 works pretty well. All shots filmed wide open, mixed light and with variable ND filter.
  17. ah. OK. ... but just wondering if HLG is not a huge improvement for Eterna.
  18. Even 40mm f1.2 works pretty well on Fuji XT3 APS-C with Bolex Moller 1/32/1.5x. My new lens Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 VM
  19. Autumn in my neighbourhood, XT3 with Bolex Moller 16/32/1,5x.
  20. Autumn in my neighbourhood, XT3 with Bolex Moller 16/32/1,5x.
  21. Finally my Samsung NX1 successor ;-) Will be the best if in XH2 or XT4. https://www.fujirumors.com/this-is-how-fujifilm-welcomes-xiaomi-mi-note-10-108-megapixel-samsung-fujifilm-isocell-sensor/?fbclid=IwAR3NI38FdebEW02kpb2ri-xaYCFtjgsj85H7JWW-T4m6mIla-qXpO7S4RvU
  22. Indeed Ian. This taking lens (Zeiss Contax G45/2) is now glued on my Bolex. Love the sharpness and contrast.
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