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  1. this one? https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding?fbclid=IwAR1JWyGadXkD3bG2Q9rdK_8R_wk9mUuPvsHzYRWMfle8XxALsZPJKc6pHvg
  2. ISCORAMA 36, with the bigger rear element (36-38mm), like Iscorama Cinegon + Cinelux AV 90mm. Read! PRICE: € 2.500 STRETCH: 1.42x (1.5x) FOCUS: Single focus CONDITION: Very good condition, very smooth focussing. Glass is very clean, no scratches, no separation. Focussing is very smooth. There is a little fungus on the back lens (see photos), but might be beaten with UV lamp (I have no experience with that) With standard plastic front cap. PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal
  3. Hi Nathan, there are three simular screws on the back of the lens. Loosen them a bit untill you can turn the focus ring of the lens a bit more to infinity (1cm or so). Then fasten the 3 screws again. After they are fastened again, you can turn the lens to infinity. That's it... mosty 😉
  4. That Iscomorphot! I love it!
  5. Great lens @Rhood. I have the same, single coated version. Check this link with more information:
  6. new one, I love this lens! Filmed on my Z-Cam S6 with Leica M 50mm f1.4 - almost every shot wide open.
  7. This summer I filmed during a photoshoot for my work. Shot all wide open with my taking lens Leica M 50mm f1.4 version II. Filmed with the Z-Cam S6.
  8. I have the X-T4 for photographing and I bought recently a Z-Cam E2S6 for anamorphic filming. Fuji has to improve X-H2 for use anamorphic lenses. Open gate sensor and better IBIS.
  9. Shot at the first day of our Winter in The Netherlands.
  10. Samsung left camerabusiness because they moved to mobile phones with cameras. Now Huawei is the big winner 😉
  11. You did the best. It's the best 1.5x lens, edge to edge sharp. Enjoy shooting and keep us informed with nice posts.
  12. Very clean is the Contax G 45mm f2.0. But you need to rehouse the lens to Leica M for better focussing.
  13. I have sold all my NX1 gear. I love new things, but to be honest; NX1 has a way better grip and I liked that camera a lot. I hacked my NX1 and that improved quality, but the dynamic range had also his limitations, especially on skintones at sunny days (whitening out). I use my camera mostly for filming with vintage and anamorphic lenses. Sometimes I use the camera professional photos for a magazine. X-T4 has a bigger battery and IBIS. Also the smart switch between photo and film is a big plus. I think when X-H2 comes out, I switch again, but then I will keep my X-T4 for photographing.
  14. Thank you! I now switched from NX1 to X-T3 to X-T4.
  15. could this be true? It seems a post from june 2020; https://www.xiaomist.com/2020/06/how-to-abandon-photography-department.html
  16. Now on my X-T4, with Bleach Bypass directly from camera.
  17. quote from your blog; "What is interesting about this is where will Fuji draw the line? Will the X-T4 get it? Will it be internally recorded on the GFX 100 to high-speed UHS-II SD card? I doubt it, but we can dream". Probably the best dream after the rumor of Samsung NX-2 Fingers crossed. Let dream come tru!
  18. NIce to read about the Bolex Moller! One of my favourite is his bigger brother 16/32/1.5x. Love to see some footage 😉
  19. waiting for yours of course 😉
  20. Probably the best test;
  21. hmmm... I do not know if the guy on the left is the same. Settings of the X-T4 are not OK, not sharp at all.
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