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  1. Anyone using the Metabones 0.71 Ultra speed booster with a Canon EF-s 17-55mm and can comment on vignetting on the wide end and if the IS works alright? Thx.
  2. Dropped by to say thanks to Andrew Reid and everyone on this sub-forum for generously sharing their knowledge ... and add that I think the NX1 is still very relevant in today's market. Here's my story, I was looking for a small and light B Cam for a Red Dragon and decided to spend the last month really getting to know the NX1 because I like how close the out-of-camera images look to the Red. I advocate for not heavily grading DSLR images and trying to get as close to what I can in-camera ... playing to the DSLR's strengths and avoiding its weaknesses, like codec and bit rates. I shot thi
  3. Looking for a well working unit as a backup. Not fussed about looks, just needs to work. Thanks all!
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