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  1. if they could hack the nx1 to do 6.5k video and/or cropped 4k then it would extend it's life another million years.
  2. I had those for my nx500 and they didn't last as long as the samsung battery that is for sure. I have them for my nx1 now and the same situation. I can pretty much watch the percentage drop.
  3. just screws into the filter threads of the lens and essentially distorts it
  4. But time lapse has a max frame rate of 0.5fps. That's so slow! 5FPS would be ideal. Might just have to shoot 5FPS at 1/30 and blur in post.
  5. Yeah I think I found that thread. I was hoping that using the low frame rate functions of the camera (6p, 3p, 1.5p) would allow for shutter speeds to be that low, but it seems I cannot set shutter speed less than 1/30 in any mode.
  6. is there any way to shoot video at a shutter speed less than the frame rate (with intention of creating excess motion blur)
  7. well, I decided to sell the nx500. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brown-Samsung-NX-NX500-28-2-MP-4K-Digital-Camera-16-50mm-OIS-Lens-PLUS-EXTRAS-/172568933631?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT It has been a great cam this past year, but the lack of mic input bugs the crap out of me, so I will be moving on to something else (g7, a6300, nx1).
  8. thanks for that, looks like a cool piece of software i had not yet tried out. Much prefer it to the samsung app. However, seems the live video stream is like 1-2fps. If only something like that was made for usb tethered connection so the resolution and bitrate could be higher. The nx500/nx1 have a usb 3.0 port don't they?
  9. First, thank you very much for really trying to help me through this for days now. Second, the video is great and I am sure a lot of users here could benefit from it. Third, unfortunately it just seems to be impossible for the nx500. The nx500 does not support tethered connection (only the nx1 does), and the nx500 has no setting for USB connection type (which you select "remote" on the nx1) and only functions in mass storage mode. Even if it could be hacked to allow remote usb connection, I am not sure the software would recognize the camera since samsung remote studio may be coded to only work with the NX1. Again, thank you very much for your effort to help me. It is appreciated.
  10. thanks but it doesnt work. I guess you cannot use the nx series cameras as webcams.
  11. I should have been more clear. I mean stream live to the internet, from a computer (like a webcam, ie skyping)
  12. Is there any way for my nx500 to be used for live streaming like a web cam?
  13. I know this is an old thread, but I cannot for the life of me find a control panel to change posts per page. I'm stuck at 20 posts per page, it makes reading threads difficult!
  14. wow thanks for all the responses! A good point that the cost to upgrade could get me a wealth of gear (tripods, monopods, mics, gimbal) that would benefit me more than just changing bodies. Really good points made. Maybe when something better than the NX1 comes out I can pick up an NX1 for cheap :-p I ended up ordering a M42->NX mount adapter and a couple of M42 lenses. Not sure how they will perform, but for the price it is something worth playing around with, at least for fixed position video shooting. I will hopefully get some of the stuff this weekend and play around with it. I will of course share my findings here.
  15. Does the NX1 have anything that makes it worthwhile to upgrade to from the NX500 other than external mic and 4K crop? I have the NX500 now and use an external audio recorder, which I wish I didn't have to do, especially since I was planning to buy the proprietary samsung mic that is now a unicorn. But does the NX1 have anything the NX500 doesnt besides those two things that would benefit using it for video?
  16. but what does selecting UHD -> FHD do as opposed to FHD -> FHD? That is what I do not understand.
  17. OK I figured out the time limit in the DEV menu, all set there. But still not really sure why I would use FHD->UHD or vice versa. Also, bummed 1080p120 doesnt work
  18. hey guys, new member here. I have skimmed this thread over the past 24 hours and was able to get my nxpatch 5.3 installed. I thought the time limit removal was automatic but it seems not. I set UHD to 100Mbit/s and am limited to 4:45 recording time. Where do I disable the time limit? Also, slightly confused with the resolution selection. Does the factory menu setting for res still do anything? Why would I ever want to do FHD -> UHD or UHD->FHD when I can select UHD or FHD individually?
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