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  1. bunk: great cc. In my book, gx80 has, by far, the best color in the cheap video dept. hi sat... a test with substracted yellow cast
  2. John Matthews: "I've been told this before: don't reduce the saturation too much on a 8bit file... but why?" Mainly to avoid usually incorect collor procesing. I'm adding an example to illustrate this. In the middle there is a +50 saturation added in 16 bit raw image during inport to ps. right is 8bit jpeg with 50 added sat in post. left is an extracted color layer overlayed over an image (which basicly mimics adding a isolated color data). Raw is obviously correct, right the most artificial. It might be even that setting higher sat in 8bit would be beneficial in post (lowering sat doesn't int
  3. Jase: Thanks but I'm not yet convinced that it has hit a spot:) Building a good skin from flat without a proper lut is challenging. In your sample the most problematic issue to solve was to avoid greyness in darker parts of skin midtones (ex. deltoids in shadow). When the image is 8 bit flat and desaturated, increasing saturation makes an artificial "plastic" look (due to a math of most saturation tools). Usualy it can be avoided by adding previously extracted color layer (in davinci: ilumination at 0, in ps: add color over neutral grey layer). But it work only to some extend. Adding the same
  4. It is flat all right. Not the easiest sample to grade cause the sky quickly blows out. But I like a lot that colors doesn't fall apart easily so it seems reletive values are set up well .
  5. The image from gx80 might be usable indeed. Here's some CC I've made. Thanks Jase for a source. I went for a kodak portra look, so forgive me a low key, hi saturated, a bit out of date touch. There is a slight muchy digital-noise but I presume in movement It would vanish in action. From story point of view, I'd be more than happy with this kind of image on full screen. Question: has anybody tried to use external recorder and prores workflow? What about 10 bit 4:2:2 hdmi output claim from few pages back. Is it confirmed/rejected?
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