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  1. You might want to read the comments /critiques to Doug's latest video, and Doug's responses over at LiftGammaGain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/8bit-vs-10bit-camera-re-test.7263/page-3#post-73875
  2. No. See this: http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/08/06/sony-a7rii-part-5-low-light-testing-against-the-a7s-fs7-and-gh4-and-impressive-results-using-the-metabones-speedbooster/
  3. I also large format fine art photography ... 24 X 36" or larger that I print (and sell) on canvas. A little harder to do with an A6300.
  4. I use a Speedbooster Ultra on my A7RII in Super 35. Super 35 image quality and I get what amounts to FF when using my MF Contax/Zeiss MF lenses + gaining a stop ... so a little better low light capability.
  5. Wrong. D'Souza was never married to Ann Coulter. They dated. In fact, Coulter has never been married. See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Coulter
  6. Also a beta of Cinema DNG for SonyFS cameras (finally).
  7. Depends upon your primary use. If it video with an occasional still or 2, then get the A7SII and don't look back. My current use is about 60/40 video to stills, so I got the A7RII. I shoot video in Super 35 mode with a SpeedBooster Ulta and manual focus full frame Contax/Zeiss lenses that have been "Leitaxed" with Canon mounts. Basically, I get full frame and gain a stop on all my lenses. I don't have much use for the Sony internal XVAC-S codec, so I use a Shogun and record to either ProRes or DNxHD/HR. Has worked quite well for me.
  8. I use an 82mm SLR Magic variable ND on all of my Contax/Zeiss lenses (via step-up rings) with my A7RII. Very satisfied with it. I previously used a Heliopan with my RED and I like the SLR Magic better.
  9. I wonder if the Sony FS RAW CDNG feature will be included in that update? They are now saying Q3 for that feature, so I am not holding my breath.
  10. I am surprised he posted the video. He sort of got "raked over the coals" from the "heavy-hitters" over at Lift Gamma Gain when he asked them critique it. See: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/10-bit-vs-8-bit-%E2%80%93-sony-fs5-vs-sony-a7sii-%E2%80%93-is-10-bit-always-better.6657/ Dave even admitted, " ... From the comments here it sounds like I screwed up this video." As Marc Wileage (a noted colorist) said: "One thing I would argue is that it's hard to demonstrate 8-bit vs. 10-bit online, for the simple reason that 99.9% of all online video and computer displays are 8-bit. But... I think Dave's intentions were good. I'm not of the opinion that if you put 8 gallons of wine in a 10-gallon barrel it'll taste any better. I think once it's stepped on, it's stepped on. However, I think 8-bit video can look acceptable under certain conditions, especially when you're not really having to stretch it out, bend it, or key it."
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