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  1. I trust my eyes, not specs sheets, m43 have this kind of weird robotic look to my eyes. Of course a talented videographer can produce beautiful things with m43 but the average footage I'm watching on youtube have this weird look.
  2. I've never talked about DOF, I think the artificial look is about in-focus out-of focus transition. I'm only watching m43 footage on youtube.
  3. I think In-focus to out-of-focus transition is more brutal with m43 sensor, creating some kind of harsh, artificial look.
  4. On the specs sheet, 1080p looks disappointing: Full HD (1920x1080)] 59.94p / 50p / 29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98P, 36Mbps Continuous http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_t20/specifications/ Compared to 100Mbps for the X-T2 http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_t2/specifications/
  5. I don't own either cameras (I hate sony science color), but the big plus of the A6500 seems to be its stills abilities: Better autofocus, dynamic range, low light and Aps-C look (as opposed to the m43 robotic look)
  6. Tank you very much for your feedback Sebastian, I am following you on youtube.
  7. Great comparison, I own the d5500 (amazing camera, nice color esay to grade, good slow mo) and I'm thinking to invest in a XT2. There is color shifting when we increase the ISO of the d5500, isn't it? the XT2 colors doesn't seem to shift. have you done some 1080p/60fps comparison? It would be very interesting caus 1080p/60fps is more suitable to shoot some action video (less rolling shutter, movement more pleasing). Are you satisfied by the XT2? is it a big step up the D5500?
  8. Hello guys, I want to "smooth/fluidity" the movement of shooting drill, I don't want to do slow motion. To do so, I plan to shoot 50p with my little nikon d5500. I have two questions: - Should I shoot in 1/50 or 1/100? - Can I insert footage (interview) shot in 25p in a 50p project? Thank you.
  9. It was the C300 mkI. in the end, I'm really happy of the color look of my little Nikon, I will keep shooting on it. I'm a beginner in video but my eye is quite sensitive to color. Sony Slog has weird green magenta reflexion on the skin, it take to much times to color correct.
  10. Amazing Geoff, I'm waiting for them, you're the man. I will send you the final result. You're from Warsaw?
  11. I see an hipster friend tomorrow, he will try to fix my color issue. I will publish a trailer of what I'm shooting. I'm not technician like u guys. I sell military/anti-terrorist training, I need a tool easy to use, producing images easy to grade. Thank you for your advice, I'm going to follow what you have written.
  12. I've watched hours of tuto and Im' already working with rec709. Colors sucks, I have way better color with nikon flat profile. I have 8 months of experience shooting with my Nikon D5500. I don't shoot because I'm a video lover, I shoot because videographer refuse to shoot my military activities. I will never shoot log ever, I have no time for this kind of bullshit. Thanks but I don't want to spend money on this shitty camera I will never rent again.
  13. Some guys say to expose slog2 at + 2 stops, what do the Paul leeming's pdf say? Originally, I wanted to rent the canon C300. The rental guy recommend me the sony instead. wrong recommendation.
  14. I've exposed the footage at +0,3 EV like the guy of the rental shop advise me.
  15. I haven't test it before the shooting but I'm done with sony, I will never rent sony anymore. My cheap nikon D5500 produce much nicer color.
  16. It's not free. I don't want to pay anything for a shity camera I will not use anymore.
  17. Is this the slog2 Lut by default on DaVinci? It brings horrible colors. I would be very interested in some kodak though, do you have some?
  18. Hello everyone, Are Sony engineer smoking crack? I rent the sony A7SII camera, shoot some SLog2 footage and oooh my god it's horrible..Skin tones look like corpse, sky look like on LSD and those file are impossible to transcode. Can you share your workflow to color correct those horrible colors on DaVinci resolve? Any free LUTs to recommend to me? Thank you
  19. Thank you Geoff, it seems to work. I would invite you to the restaurant if you live in Warsaw. Now, I have to deal with sony horrible colors..Why all this hype around sony A7SII? Skine tones, sky, those colors are horrible!
  20. Hello everyone, I have to color correct those horrible sony A7SII file. I first use the qualifier tool to correct the sky color. Then, when I want to correct the skin with the same corrector, it automatically apply the sky correction to the skin. How can I correct the skin regardless of the sky? Thank you.
  21. Thank you Geoff, it seems to work. I would invite you to the restaurant if you live in Warsaw. Now, I have to deal with sony horrible colors..Why all this hype around sony A7SII? Skine tones, sky, those colors are horrible!
  22. Hello, That's been 3 weeks I'm trying to transcode and grade n DaVinci XAV-C files shot with son A7SII (I hate this camera, I hate this codec). I've spent more than 30 hours in trying to transcode in DNxHD unsuccessfully (no 4k preste in adobe encoder) Eventually, I've transcoded the file in Apple Prores 422 HQ with final cut pro X. But then, one more time, Davinci don't hollow me to color grade the file. What should I do? What setting should I set in Da Vinci? Thank you
  23. J'ai loué le sony A7SII pour tourner un documentaire. J'ai détesté cette camera, combien de fois j'ai voulu la détruire et qu'est ce que je galère pour transcoder les fichier XAVC S et pour coloriser ces couleurs horrible!!! Bref je ne veux plus entendre parler du sony a6300. Je hais Sony, je produit 20 x plus vite avec mon nikon (oui 20 x) Ce ne sont pas des militaires. En Pologne, il y a la culture de la defense civile. On ne se repose pas sur l'Etat. Le soulèvement de Varsovie de 1944, ce sont des civils. Les français aurait 1/4 de leur courage, on ne serait pas là où on en est actuellement avec les attentats. d'ailleurs, les videastes français ont refusé de travailler sur mon projet, ce sont des fiottes de hipsters, c'est pour ça que j'apprends et produit tout depuis quelques mois
  24. Thx, unfortunately shaking was not intentional, I'm tall and I wanted the camera to be in the action so I handheld it at the level of my hips without any stabilization. I will wait for the Fuji XT2 report then. Thanks for advice Yes but I've heard (and seen) OSS bring unnatural movement...
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