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  1. If Sony don't implement 4K 60fps then they can forget about denting Panasonic's sales of the GH5. Regardless of everything else - even that which is of more importance for film makers - 4K 60fps is the main selling point for 99% of buyers.
  2. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    Very David Brent, that bloke is.
  3. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    Max knows a lot more about Panasonic cameras than the so-called luminary, who spent most of his time justifying himself with defensive body language and filling the airwaves with repetitive waffle. Max 2-0 up with another video to come...
  4. ∆∆∆ Mr Kaewmani knows what he is doing. What a difference a skilled colourist makes.
  5. He does. We should get Dave Dugdale to referee it, who gets along nicely with both.
  6. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    And so it escalates.
  7. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    The GH5 has far better straight out of the box colour than any prosumer Sony, though decent skin tones can be achieved using tweaked profiles and correct WB. No idea what Max was thinking when setting up the a6500, because it potentially undermines whatever he was doing in setting the various Panny focus parameters. People will say "He's had that Sony for many months and still can't set it up correctly, so why should we trust his findings with a week old GH5?" I would be more concerned that you escaped the ensuing house fire.
  8. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    Using an external recorder and being a paid Panasonic Lumix Luminary is also key Only kidding. As long as folk spend a good few days training up muscle memory, then finding the right combination of autofocus settings for the job in hand will be no different to taking the lens cap off an a6500 and hitting record. Sort of.
  9. There you go, @Jordan Garcia
  10. I'll bookmark this for later. Cheers.
  11. Regarding Max's latest GH5 video, I won't have time to watch it until tonight but will say that he has a history of integrity as a reviewer.
  12. Oh right. We can't be having alternative news ruining MSM fairytales. I never knew until several of my videos were de-monetised that even natural disasters are off limits. Give it time and all will be white fluffy clouds and babies.
  13. The ad tightening by YouTube has turned into a blessing for me. I am now concentrating on stock 4k footage and loving how I don't need to consider any context or justification for any clip - I can concentrate purely on getting the best possible shot of any subject that comes to mind without having to weave it into any story. One sale a year will equal the ad revenue off 50,000 YouTube views. I'm off out to get some more clips as type, knowing that the four clips I shot (EOSHD Pro Color), trimmed and lightly graded (Color Finale) are better than anything in its subject class on the stock sites I have viewed. But then I did wait 90 minutes for a lynx to get into a decent composition and yawn.
  14. That just about covers it. I have been pleasantly surprised with ridiculously high frame rates, as long as there isn't excessive movement in the scene. The only time my Tiffen variable ND has let me down in two years was this weekend in London - but that was shooting one clip 200mm at 120fps on a 2.2 crop (a7sii). At 440mm the focus magnifyer was saying I had hit focus but on getting it home I was some distance out. The slightest turn of the focus ring was throwing it out. I might have got away with 1/1000th at f7.1 because there was little movement, but the sun was absolutely ruining the shot, directly on the subjects (machine gun cops outside Westminster) and bouncing off the concrete.
  15. And in the meantime, not producing anything of note. This can go on for years as people await the next great instalment until one day they die with a showreel containing one cat from 1972.
  16. I've had (seemingly) millions of pounds sitting in various carts around the world and never spent a penny.
  17. Ha - that's what my gimbal looked like after trying to balance the 28mm f2.
  18. Same principle applies to all gimbals. People look at weight on a spec sheet as if that is the all-deciding factor. I just wish that gimbal companies would be more honest in their sales pitches. Yes, there are a million and one combinations of lenses and bodies but there are only a few dozen very common combinations of cameras and lenses that they should list as compatible or non compatible. The DS1 will not accept all manner of A7s2 combos without massive compromises - like the 16-35 f4 smashing against the back of the unit. When these were being shown off on YouTube by the makers, people were asking about that combination (myself included) and the answer would be: "Yes, it should work" and then they would quote the weight limitations as if that was all the evidence needed. What they should have said is: "Don't buy the unit until we have tested that extremely common combination of camera body and wide angle lens. Yes, it is within the weight limit but we cannot guarantee the ease of balance due to the front heavy distribution of weight. We have tested your camera with 'these lenses' and can confirm that it works perfectly" When people began reporting issues with that combination they backtracked to the position that I stated above. Why can't people say "We haven't got a clue, mate" instead of "It should do"?
  19. Lol The Scottish and Irish accents on females are intoxicating. Nothing beats the Welsh, mind.
  20. I have had the Note 4 for two years now and intend to keep it when my contract is up next week (switch to sim only deal). Love being able to switch between batteries (unlike my iphone and S4 mates) and 4k video is great as an emergency b-roll when needed for projects that will be exported at 1080. I'd recommend this phone to anybody that isn't a gear junkie.
  21. Most of Scotland is Irish, as it happens.
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