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  1. what are your favorite in-camera color settings and in what situations you use it? do you guys use flat profiles or just achieve the color in camera with minimun color correction?
  2. Hi guys, im gonna get some lens for my nx500 and i want to know what are your favorite lenses for different situations and why! I like my zenit 44-m7 with the 4k crop mode, its feels like a 105mm and works really well on run n gun clips, and the extra crop factor helps to avoid some sharpness from the corners.
  3. anyone tried to dowload custom profiles from pro suggest market? i can do remote viewfinder and download photos to my android but cant enter to pro suggest market, they say to me "on execution"
  4. yea dude i have a problem with the wb on kelvin too, sometimes when i turn off the camera and i start again the wb activate as awb but the camera say that is on kelvin mode, so i just have to press again the kelvin mode and it have fixed. i got the nx500
  5. i dont know, samsung camera has a really rare way to read and write data, it would be nice if i can do some with that.
  6. i know is always better and comfortable change batteries, but what you can do is use a dirty cheap usb charger and connect while record,i recommend start recording and plug in in 100%, the carger arent powerfull enought to charge while you record, but let the battery dont discharge so fast.
  7. so, how much cost the nxl dumb adapter and how i can buy it?
  8. and you use it on your everyday workflow? you record with some settings to get max information?
  9. i have heard about something here that if you get a 4k 4:2:0 you can convert to 1080p 4:2:2 what about that?
  10. First video with 120fps at 720p upscaled to 1080p, i think there are 60mbps on bitrate.
  11. Im follow your progress a lot but i get a little confused. for use the speedboster would be need to modify the body camera? if i get the nikon adapter i can just put a cheap m42 adapter the iris control will work perfectly? this is something i was expecting so much, count me with one purchase!
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TRANSCEND-SD-XC-SDXC-95MB-SEC-60M-WRITE-64GB-UHS-I-U3-ULTIMATE-64G-64-G-GB-CARD-/331206660736?hash=item4d1d749280:g:W0IAAOxynwlTeI4E this is the transcend of the database ? or are the 85mb/s write version? i just want to reach the 180mbps stable.
  13. Wich program you use to transcode? do you use win or osx?
  14. what about a speedboster to ef lens? i know there is a problem with the nx mount, but i dont think its impossible, i would crush my nx500 body to fit a speedboster if its necesary lol.
  15. Thanks man! works perfectly, even at 2% of grain!
  16. hey man, this look amazing, where i can get that "super 16mm grain"?
  17. Guys, i want to start modding the source code of the hack, i know a little bit of lua,pawno and html. From where do you guys recomend to start? any advice, documentation, link, book etc would be really nice!
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