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  1. On 9/9/2017 at 6:07 AM, SMGJohn said:

    Samsung keeps hiring old Japanese engineers, designers and other talented people who are "honourably" fired from Japanese Corporations because the new generation must replace the old.
    And this is the result, Samsung is destroying Japanese Corporations, Sony fired a lot of elderly extremely talented people and Korean Corporations fished them in. 

    Having tried several cameras it seems that Samsung NX1 and NX500 trades high ISO performance for superior extremely high colour reproduction. 
    So while having very bad ISO performance in general with huge drops when reaching 800 ISO and beyond, the colour reproduction at lower ISO is superior to most cameras I have tested so far, even the Sony big megapixel beasts cannot seem to keep up. The Sammy's do what other CMOS bayer sensors struggle with the most, capturing accurate autumn colours.
    Even Sigma SD Quattro with Foveon censor seem to struggle very hard to keep up with Sammy censor.

    I agree.  Everyone applauds Canon for their colors, but my NX1's colors look way more natural and pleasant than my Canon 80D's colors.

  2. 11 hours ago, cojocaru27 said:

    LawDude, can you share with us the setting for the autofocus and what gymbal did you use? thx

    The gimbal I used in the hallway shot is the Beholder DS-1.  It's quick to balance.  I used the Samsung 30mm f2.0 at 2.0 for that shot.  Autofocus was on tracking, and face tracking.  It locks fast, and holds.  Inside the classroom, I used a tripod dolly and 12 feet of track I picked up on ebay for about $200.  I used the 50-150 S lens at about 85mm and f.2.8.  It produces a nice shallow depth of field.  I was getting good colors with the Auto White Balance, so I used that.

  3. 7 hours ago, Marco Tecno said:

    If an adapter with real af is provided for canon lenses on nx body (ala metabones) I won't feel the need of a system upgrade for...many years to come.

    Me too. An EF to NX adapter with AF is a game changer for the NX1.  I was about to pre-order a Sony a6500 with an EF adapter when I saw Luca's video.  Now I'm holding off to give Luca's adapter a shot when it's ready.

  4. I just tested my NX1 using GammaDR, and sharpening at -5.  I shot in UHD, downscaled in Premiere Pro to 1080, and rendered out to a DVD.  The sharpening looks horrible, and very “video”-ish.  The in-camera sharpening is using a contrast-type of sharpening that produces artifacts in a radius around high-contrast objects.  You can confirm this increased contrast on a lumetri-scope.  On the other hand, setting sharpening at -10 produces beautiful results (without any post-sharpening), and none of the artifacts.

  5. On 3/29/2016 at 10:56 PM, Syme said:

    For internal recording it's highly unlikely. It would require extensive modification to the digital design of the video encoder. I won't say it's strictly impossible, since the NX1 supposedly uses a re-configurable processor for some tasks. Unfortunately no one knows if HEVC encoding is one of those tasks, so no one can say for sure if it is possible or not. My opinion is that Samsung probably did the power-hungry video encoding with a dedicated hardware block for the sake of efficiency, but I don't actually know. Even if it is possible, the reverse engineering required to do it would be unlike anything that has been done before in a public project.

    I sure hope it is possible, but it's a moon-shot at best.

    On the other hand, external recording might be a more plausible option. If it turns out to be possible to get a hold of a buffer of 10 or 12 bit video data while recording, it may be possible to send that out over the HDMI port.

    The NX1 has a 14-bit sensor, so the hardware has the bit-depth capability.  It would probably have to be set up to be output through the HDMI stream (along with the 4:2:2 sampling).

  6. 6 hours ago, Vincent van den Akker said:

    Some results using gamma dr and osiris m31 lut. Would be great if the bitrate could be improved. Dynamic range and banding are the biggest problems in my opinion. And a button to switch quickly between movie resolutions and framerates. will come in real handy!

    Bitrate isn't going to eliminate the banding.  Banding is the result of only having 256 colors per channel on account of the 8-bit color space.  A 10-bit color space gives us 1024 colors per channel - that smooths the gradient, and gives you a smooth transition between shades of color (eg., going from lite blue to deep blue in a sky).

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