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  1. No mention of dynamic range, a key selling point. Was Andrew being tied down not to mention that?
  2. I had the 5d mark3 for it was shooting in raw, but I sold it for A7s for its low light abilities which was more in line with my work shooting documentary in low light situations. A7s in slog2 & sgamut is a nightmare to grade is exposure is not right (ETTR). I own 2 BMCC they are super sweet for organized interviews but heavy to lug around week long field trips in remote areas. So BMCC with a speedbooster might bring joy to my life. Also even know I don't see too many BMCC sample footage online am getting suspicious how come?
  3. Am in desperate need for slowmo to match my BMCC footage A7s on slog2 is heard to match with BMCC
  4. Indeed we are developing a fan club for a camera not on sale. Don't nobody mention pre-order when the camera arrives in November we get to revisit this conversation Seems the real alternatives to cameras in the title that are available and can do clean 1080 50fps are Nikon d750, d5500. Nikons shot at 100 iso seem to have good dynamic range could be 11 stops of usable range which is not bad at all.
  5. Camera - 1000$ Monitor - 200$ Cage - 200$ Batteries - 100$ Memory - 100$ Speedbooster - 650$ Camera total = 2250$ same as 2 A6300 bodies/GH4 with speedbooster/A7s No price advantage vs competitors just something different. Maybe it will be a good all round 1080p camera with great color, codec, ok low light, sharpness & slow mo its not a bad proposition.
  6. Where can the BM micro cinema be bought?
  7. Yup I would agree with one issue only the blackmagic micro cinema camera does not seem to be available on popular vending sites.
  8. Curious to know which camera would provide best sharp results with good dynamic range (11 stops) and least artifacts for 1080p 50fps: A7s the first in aps-c mode with or without metabones speedbooster A7s the first in aps-c mode & atomos assassin with or without metabones speedbooster Gh4 in vlog with atomos assassin with or without metabones speedbooster a6300 with or without metabones speedbooster A7s ii Blackmagic micro cinema camera (When it ever arrives, maybe 2017) Who has similar setups to above? Andrew Reid would know...
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