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  1. I'm so confused. Just wish Zach was here.
  2. PixaPro seem like a pretty decent company. Has anyone tried their KinoFlo knock off or got an opinion on how these things stack up to newer LED panels? Seems pretty cost effective. https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/product/pixapro-litebank455-fluorescent-light-bank-with-mirrored-finish-4x55w-tubes/
  3. People who like HFR: 1) Gamers who think that because their vidya is more enjoyable at 60fps so cinema should be. 2) Tech nerds who think that giving their audience a brain hemorrhage = immersion and couldn't give a fig for storytelling. 3) Out of touch directors who spend their days watching test footage in THX certified screening rooms and only sit up when something pops because they likely haven't watched a daytime soap opera in 20+ years. Literature is no less enjoyable for its use of old style printing. Theatre no worse for its ancient form. By all means push technology, and play with different ways of projecting images into a dark room, but ultimately you'll never reinvent the wheel.
  4. Isn't the Ursa Mini 4.6k kind of a Holy Grail? The 4k for $4k RED promised once upon a time. Yea there's a magenta thing, and it's too sharp out of the box, but damn... I guess it's got teething problems but no mid tier Sony grunge colours and no shortage of recording options. Especially compared to Red's croppy shenanigans. Reliability is everything though. That said I've heard many Red horror stories too. User error? Not sure if that got fixed with Epic/ Scarlet or Dragon or Balrog level 19 MiniBoss
  5. Is there really no call for 4K here in the UK? Thinking about camera choices and future proofing, it seems optimistic to hope that good 1080 is enough, even for the most technophobic clients?
  6. Despite the recent global shutter disappointment the BMMCC is still very tempting. Add in the essentials of a speedbooster and decent monitor/ EVF and it's the same sort of price range as the other cameras mentioned. 5dMk3 raw makes sense in theory but I've just never seen anything from it that really wowed me. As someone who is fairly inexperienced and hasn't played with a lot of cameras that counts for a lot. Same goes for the 1DC. The two C300 Blue movies are a couple of my faves of the last 10 years, and despite knowing it's the talent and story that really makes it, you can't help but feel swayed! Currently happy shooting Vision colour on my 6D, but don't feel like I'd miss the full-frame look and would gladly swap it for the "cinematic" motion of the BM. The 1.75x crop (I think..?) of the Speedbooster might mean rethinking my 35, 50, 85 prime lenses though, which is something that gives me pause.
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