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    TomasSunyer got a reaction from EthanAlexander in NAB 2018   
    Potencially it can be as flexible because of the flange focal distance of the Kinemount, but you either need Kinefinity or 3rd parties to build adapters.
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    TomasSunyer reacted to BTM_Pix in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    @Juxx989 wrote......
    We NX-1 Allstars together again.  @vasile @lucabutera @kinoseed @Otto K all have experience and serious knowledge of this gear. Some have not been here for months but I bet they could be coaxed back with something exciting as this.
    @Arikhan Would be be the Lebron James of the NX-1 community 
    @Matthew Hartman would be the coach.   
    @Andrew Reid would be the owner... perhaps ive gone too far with this.
    @Juxx989 is really good at dreaming about possibilities with no tangible skills (people or technical)  
    Lets GOOO!
    And you never know, if @Arikhan continues to uncover more things about this camera you may be able to call yourselves The Harlem Globalshutters
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    TomasSunyer reacted to Andrew Reid in Gear is for art. Art are politics   
    I am a bit disappointed because this thread has turned into an Ed vs everyone else situation, and yes some of it is his fault, but c'mon...
    Some superb work on here.
    And he has been using this forum for a very long time.
    I will miss him if he chooses to leave permanently.
    So whatever differences you guys forming a mob may have with him, this isn't the place to get personal and hound someone out.
    It was poor form from Ed, but there's no need to force a guy to back out of the forum permanently and completely overlook what he shoots and what he contributes.
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    TomasSunyer reacted to Tim Sewell in Gear is for art. Art are politics   
    You may not agree with what Ed has to say, but he has been unfailingly polite in saying it. Perhaps you should dial back your aggression and disdain, as it is of no use to anyone and paints you as an unpleasant individual. And I agree, by the way, that administrators should abstain from approving posts containing aggression and profanity aimed at other users.
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    TomasSunyer reacted to lucabutera in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    FilmConvert NX1 profile is available now on their website!  http://www.filmconvert.com/download/camera-profile
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    TomasSunyer got a reaction from Pavel MaÅ¡ek in FILMCONVERT's new poll ! : "which camera profile should we do next" // our chance for NX support   
    And the a6300 came third... I think they had this camera in the roadmap (Which makes sense since they knew the cam is going to sell a lot) and just used the survey to say: see, we listen!!
    Hopefully they will do the NX1 soon.
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    TomasSunyer reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    They have been using it for quite some time with great results. Definetelly shows a segment where the camera is great.
    This is mainly a "film maker" forum. But we sometimes seem to forget that not everyone of Panasony and Canikons customers are. 
    Some are videomakers like Jared and some are still photographers, again like Jarred.
    Thats why I sometimes have an issue with the "only an idiot would..", "thats crap because..." and "why does Canon..." type of attitude on every single product that doesnt also serve as a perfect tool for shooting a narrative movie.
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    TomasSunyer reacted to Chant in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Minor update, still doing what Im doing, still digging and documenting what changes Im finding in the firmware, have started to explore with telnet and the camera. Its looking good. Have a few ideas on how it utilizes firmware updates but nothing solid yet. But I like how both stages are progressing. Although i wish I had more to show haha but dumping c isnt going to have a point! I should have a major update in a few days though!
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    TomasSunyer reacted to Chris Santucci in Canon C300 Mark II suffers black spot issue   
    Because it's completely normal to achieve clipped highlight level X a thousand percent. Yep.
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    TomasSunyer reacted to Chant in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    This is more along the lines of what I am working on. The bitrate mod that they did should be good for most. But I am diving deep into the fw, Still a good time away until my end shows any gains. But like I said a few posts ago the more I find the more excited I get. I can look at the mjpeg encoder cpp and see if things can me modded to allow a higher frame size. But again thats just adding to the list of things. But at least things have moved up! Maybe samsung will have an official word the more news of these mods get better known
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    TomasSunyer reacted to SMGJohn in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Which ISO? I used a mangify glass I also turned off OLED colours.
    I put it on 3200ISO in darkness also grey background and nothing, if I go to 4000ISO I see RGB ISO noise. I honestly cannot see these blue line streaks you are speaking off in the live view but I can see them in the HEVC files out of the camera. 
    I checked both in photo mode and video mode, I will take a picture with my Canon 400D using a macro lens, if you could do the same even with a cellphone if you got any. It would be interesting to see. Perhaps you have a faulty camera or it could also be the OLED colours for all I know.
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