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  1. This gadget could bring someone to choose the mini ursa 4.6k instead of the Ura mini Pro, since the Magicbooster turns the Ursa Mini 4.6k into Mini Ursa Full Frame Camera. I do not know if it is possible to build it for the Ura mini Pro because the ND filter mechanism that could hurt or prevent assembly. My limit is that to build an adapter I have to buy a camera each time because I need to have it in my hand for testing. After I built the NX-L adapter on Samsung NX1 I wanted to apply my experience on a professional video camera and I preferred to start with the cheapest in the Pro industry.
  2. Sorry, it works on Ursa Mini 4k and Ursa Mini 4.6k. The Ursa mini 4.6k Pro is different, has an interchangeable mounting and ND built-in filter.
  3. Yes, using high quality glassware, it's not bad to turn the Ursa "full frame"!
  4. No. I think you're looking at 4k with a small youtube window. I recommend watching the movie in full screen! The Speed Booster lens does not add any artifact, rather it increases the light on the sensor by improving the dynamic range and decreasing the noise.
  5. Hi Kino, In relation to this I think it changes little if the heir of Samsung is in prison. The data is clear, Samsung's strategy to focus their employees on commercial products and smartphones has proved to be a great success. http://www.bgr.in/news/samsung-records-85-percent-jump-in-profit-in-q2-2017/ I just hope that Samsung (also for a prestigious issue) continues to shoot professional cameras with NX2 release, also because Red has decided to enter smathphone market with Red Hydrogen damaging the Samsung Galaxy market , So I hope that Samsung to discourage Red (which has 100% sales of professional video cameras) is to produce professional cameras and camcorders, for professionals, invading Red's market. These are just my considerations, but the only certainty I have is that if Samsung comes out of a new professional camera, whoever has a Samsung camera will definitely run to buy it.
  6. SD UHS III 624MB/S http://www.diyphotography.net/new-uhs-iii-sd-card-spec-offers-blazing-transfer-speeds-624mbsec/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Diyphotographynet+(DIYPhotography.net+-+Photography+and+Studio+Lighting)
  7. Direct By Pasquale Basilotto
  8. Unbelievable! My SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card is just for shooting Full HD video !! https://www.sdcard.org/consumers/choices/speed_class/index.html
  9. Hi mate, your file it's 62Mbit/s! For nice footage you need to minimize the cpu. Use this setting: 1) Turn off the audio. 2) setting all manual mode. 3) UHD 24Fps. 4) 250Mbit/s. You Can shoot for about 1 minute. I wait your response.
  10. Hello Parker, what problem with C/Y lenses? What do you mean for: "A full-on electronic one connected to the camera body with AF functionality"?
  11. I think it is a processor data processing problem. It's a pity not to have a working team like magic lantern on Samsung NX! ...
  12. These days I wanted to test the maximum bitrates with hack NX/KS. I've found that to get the maximum bitrates you need to turn off all the functions that require memory and cpu: So if I turn off bluetooth, all the automatic functions, and close the display by going on EVF can go up to 220Mbit/s without interruption and up to 240Mbit/s for about a minute. The benefit that is obtained is that the macroblochin is reduced in size, transforming itself from small squares into a noise-like grain. What I think is that if the hack could turn off the display and the EVF being recorded, the NX1 could go over 250Mbit/s without any recording time limit.
  13. Hi Andrew [email protected], I use the Sandisk Extreme Pro 280MB/s, I shoot 180Mbit/s with audio and 200Mbit/s without audio in 4k 24fps - FHD 50fps - FHD 100fps. In my experience the best setting for kill the macro blocking is 4k DC 24fps, DR profile, Pro mode, 16-235, master black -10. I use the NX/KS hack and third part lenses. Best
  14. I am very honored by Andrew's review. Some fast Aps-c lenses could work on NX-L without vignetting. I think the Sigma 30mm 1.4 Art lens could work fine, getting a nearly 35mm 1.4! But I did not test it.
  15. Like this? https://www.zynamics.com/software.html
  16. Samsung has created a camera too futuristic to be replaced soon. The great definition, detail, ergonomics make NX1 an irreplaceable camera. I hope that the Samsung resume soon to build camera, or that some manufacturers put on the market a new camera taking inspiration from NX1 camera, acquiring its technology and perhaps implementing it with a full frame sensor.
  17. Hi Kisaha, excuse my absence, at this time I have a lot of work, I do not understand what you mean, can you be clearer? thank you.
  18. Yes, I mount the Biotar with NXL. I use this sequence: NX1 > NXL speed booster> EF/Exacta > Biotar > step up ring > Anamorphot. The NXL it's focal reducer, the Biotar 58mm with NXL get the lens about 62mm without lost light stop.
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