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  1. Please make some video files available for download. Thank you!
  2. For sale Professional camera cage Varavon Armor II for Samsung NX1.
  3. Which camera do you use for test Kipon speed booster adapter?
  4. I have seen some comparison tests of the Kipon speedbooster and honestly I was very disappointed because of the low quality of the glass and the considerable loss of details. Have you personally tested it?
  5. It is possible that I can build the smart speedbooster to make X-T3 camera Full frame with Canon lens. How many are interested in pre-order on crowdfunding?
  6. Fujisung NX2? Today it is possible to assume that, Samsung has closed the camera department because of the few sales related to its brand not fully associated with the professional camera industry. Today it is paradoxical to think that the sales success of the Fuji or Panasonic cameras may be due to the Samsung sensor brand preferred by professionals in the sector to that of Sony. At this point I ask someone to tell Fuji to add the Samsung DR picture profile to the X-T3 camera of which I and many Samsung users are very satisfied.
  7. https://www.ebay.it/itm/192654371306?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. The combination is inevitable, many Samsung NX1 owners are waiting for the new horse to jump on!
  9. Once the initial euphoria has ended, now we must return to reality. The Fuji x-t3 is a great camera and deserves to be supported for the courage and audacity that Fuji is proving but, if he had videos with presentations like this would have sold already ten thousand pre-orders. I'm sorry but the Samsung NX1 still remains the best aps-c camera system for both video and still images.
  10. Exactly. in this video I worked the movie as a s-log 2, clearly it's just a test done in 5 minutes on the entire editing, (nothing professional for a hyper-compressed movie downloaded from youtube) I just pushed hard with the tones to make the artifacts but the shot held up well. In this second and short test instead, I worked a small scene as if it were a red camera movie and the result is much more natural, especially in skin tones. After that I will not waste any more time on junk files, wait to find the original files or shoot with my camera as soon as it is available for purchase.
  11. like say @deezid, can work the F-log like the Red camera files, the result is very similar.
  12. I am really happy for Fujifilm, they are believing in their products, this is very encouraging for those who have to invest money on the future. Let's not forget that it has an uninterrupted raw burst mode up to 30fps with a sensor cutout 1.25. I will never buy Canon again because of their anti-user policy. The Fujifilm has geared the right gear, we must support the builders who invest in innovation by moving the bar of the level and pushing the other brands to give more. I will buy this camera without thinking twice and I will avoid the banal and obvious colors of Sony six-monthly cameras.
  13. Even with a Full Frame sensor, they will certainly have the crop aps-c option. But I'm pretty sure they will keep the X-mount system.
  14. To get the maximum bitrate do you have to use a very fast SD card, Manual mode, disable all automatisms, disable audio recording and use manual lenses.
  15. No Dslr Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic or others can make me feel the emotions of the Samsung NX1. The Samsung should continue to produce their camera even without economic profit and only the camera body with lens mount Canon, Nikon, or other just to tell camera manufacturers and users "we exist and we are the best".
  16. Can you repeat the test with exposure compensation?
  17. @Andrew Reid finally a nice real tricky! Color boost increase the ISO 1 step more (near 2 lens stop more), work in DR profile to!
  18. To recap: - A guy says that from 7 months he shoots NX1 Raw video with his Hack. - the guy in question in these 7 months has never published a video shot in Raw on Youtube or Vimeo... - at some point he declares that he will give proof of his statements, but not before the day "April 1" because he is German and has too many commitments with study, but he loses more time to answer many messages in English better than mine, rather that upload dng file he has on his computer for 7 months. - after 2 improvable jpg images published, I ask to block the charlatan but I am called a cyberbully. - the guy responds to my provocation and declares that he will publish the evidence to show that I'm wrong. - no proof is published. - I raise the stakes and I promise a NXL as a gift in exchange for irrefutable proof. - the guy reappears and promises again that he will publish the tests after 24 hours.- - for the second time no proof is published. - in the private mail of the owner of the site arrives an email that promises again that will send evidence but that for 3 days without explaining why he can not respond to messages (no smartphone in the pocket of an experienced programmer?). - the owner declares to block the guy from the playful and disrespectful behavior of the common sense and the rules of the forum. - during all this time, a man with a cat on his back, one with a horse face, a man with a name like tax code and some other poor naive attacked me and defended the guy from the many promises but from the no proof and no tests and pray desperately the owner of the site to wait to receive a file full of shit for 1 April breakfast!
  19. My friend right now I am in a 5 star luxury hotel to drink chapagne and eat caviar, my wife is here with me and she also tells me to be very happy and relaxed. ps. The nx1 raw fools it' the last of my thoughts!
  20. And I thought you want to admit that raw is a fake today...
  21. @Arikhan you're making a very bad impression! Do not make promises you can not keep ... To all those who agree with him I say this: There are people who believe that the earth is flat, ok if you are willing to believe this without any proof, despite the evidence shows the opposite, ok you are free, but the problem is yours.
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