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  1. For use as a video camera is very useful because it allows you to fully control the Canon lens, can be ontate on crane, drone or shoulder strap. The cost is very cheap for the features it offers, it turns the Samsung NX1 into a fullframe camera with remote control of Canon lenses!
  2. All temperatures are similar, around 80 °. In truth, the Potplayer is the one that handles the GPU and the motherboard worse, thus increasing the work of the CPU, in general, however, it is also the one that heats up less.
  3. I testing: SMPlayer - MPC-HC - PotPlayer. In the next time I will repeat the test, making the hard drives work.
  4. Hi Christrad, the topic it's "Best h265 media player". If you work with hack 180Mbit/s and need to see the clips without jerky or heat up the cpu , the smplayer make the difference.
  5. Hello guys, these days due to error I lost my codech265 file that ran Premiere pro cc 2015 without cloud, so I took the opportunity to update the operating system of my PC from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10. In checking the update of new programs I came across an attractive media player that plays h265 files smoothly consuming 30% less than MPC-HC, I recommend you try it, I have not detected virus or malware inside and they they only ask for a small optional donation. Who has suggestions come forward! link: https://www.smplayer.info/
  6. Black Friday! Only for 24 hours NX-L dumb 349.00 incl. shipping costs !! Shipping times in 2 weeks. https://it-it.facebook.com/LucAdapters-284084538620105/
  7. Hello mate, with the evolution of 3d jetprint, I'm getting good value for money. The biggest evolution of NX-L is the Plus version, this is the maximum for use as a videomaker, For color and quality I prefer NX1 + NX-L Plus to Blackmagic Ursa mini. The AF adapter without speedbooster is frozen and I will not go any further until Samsung decides to go back to producing cameras. I hope that in December I will be able to make a special offer to Eoshd friends.
  8. I love your work shoot with NX1! The NX1 body it's cheap now... Do you want come back? I can make you a Christmas discount!
  9. It depends on what you need to do with the camera. If you want to shoot a video with standard colors and sunlight, the advantage is minimal. If you want to use the DR profile to get a better workflow in post production then the hack is highly recommended because it drastically reduces compression issues. h265 200Mbps it's like a 400Mbps on h264 codec, my opinion it's that the h265 hack it's better, similar to 10bit ProRes.
  10. Yes, as I wrote in my previous post, Fuji X can physically mount Samsung NX lenses. It is difficult to make the lens contact with the body.
  11. Youtube upload h265. The quality it's supreme.
  12. Commercial cameras that can physically use Samsung NX lenses are as follows: Fujifilm X mount - Canon EF-M mount - Sony E mount - Leica L mount (SL) - Micro 4: 3 mount with reduced sensor (example Panasonic gh5) . Choose the brand or camera to match your Samsung lenses.
  13. "Samsung has profitable growth, but it is currently collecting the fruits of work and technology developed in the past years." These Samsung statements are also in line with the success of Samsung NX cameras that are still current despite their technology being stays at three years ago. With the arrival of the new CEO, I hope that Samsung will reflect on the possibility of sharing with the production of NX cameras. https://www.ndtv.com/business/samsung-electronics-ceo-kwon-oh-hyun-to-step-down-1762342
  14. Aputure Dec Canon lens control is not autofocus but this is better of Metabones Speedbooster for who use the Samsung NX1 camera to shoot video. It's nice control the lens with grip, in wifi you can control the lens with camera on the drone or on the crane. The price it's the same and if you want you can buy the Aputure Dec after new or used and assembly it yourself. The system it's made for reassembly the Aputure Dec like original. In this time it's a prototype but the work it's in the end road. I can't make more. this is the max I can make for take to live this spectacular camera. Thank's.
  15. Hi Aerofat, thank you for your contribution. I removed the crowdfunding page, write me in private. Best
  16. https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/blackmagic-camera-full-frame-with-magicbooster-adapter/
  17. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/samsung-keep-nx-alive
  18. It's possible downgrade the Ursa 4k firmware?
  19. In fact, I think that the variable nd filters can be added to the lens, while you can not add a focal reducer to Ursa Mini Pro. The Ursa mini 4.6k is still sold new in many stores, with the price difference ($ 1,500.00) you can have an Ursa Mini 4.6k + Magicbooster and ND variable filter and you'll have money in your pocket ..
  20. This gadget could bring someone to choose the mini ursa 4.6k instead of the Ura mini Pro, since the Magicbooster turns the Ursa Mini 4.6k into Mini Ursa Full Frame Camera. I do not know if it is possible to build it for the Ura mini Pro because the ND filter mechanism that could hurt or prevent assembly. My limit is that to build an adapter I have to buy a camera each time because I need to have it in my hand for testing. After I built the NX-L adapter on Samsung NX1 I wanted to apply my experience on a professional video camera and I preferred to start with the cheapest in the Pro industry.
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