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  1. This is me waiting for the raw video file...
  2. No boy has been mistreated in this forum. We are a community, our mission is to share information. We have asked for a shred of evidence to support the declarations. He has lost more time writing excuses and posting screenshots than just uploading an original dng file and silencing everyone. This is a very suspicious behavior in the light of his statements. Furthermore, the tests provided, analyzed by expert photographers, have increased our doubts. Who is publicly accused of lying defends himself by showing evidence to his defense and humiliating those who accused him of lying, in fact this was his reaction "I'll show you the video on Vimeo" statement never contradicted Remember that the video on Vimeo does not constitute any proof, if this is his long awaited demonstration on April 1, it will still be a big disappointment for everyone. Nobody asked to have the availability of the hack, just a simple test that would not compromise his work. I think he is a prankster or in search of fame, or he wants to get a good sale, but this remains my opinion. nobody can feel offended by this. I like everyone I hope that the raw video is true but I keep my feet on the ground because all the facts and the lack of evidence deny it. I can not believe him by divine act of faith, and I discourage everyone from buying an NX1 camera if he believes he is shooting in raw. Today, for the good of the community, I want to end this discussion to dispel doubts and misunderstandings once and for all. Break the silence, today show everyone that you have developed a hack to shoot in RAW, even if still under development, share your information and I will send you for free an NXL adapter that is worth 429.00 euros, if you do not, you will prove that I am right. Luca Butera.
  3. I'm not a detective but you're not very careful ... the only auction in Germany expires March 31st! And anyway, this is not the point. I just want to safeguard someone's good faith. For the rest I have already said everything, I will not continue any comment on this thread until there is a valid reason.
  4. @KisahaI would like to be in Santo Domingo but unfortunately I'm in Catania, only 1,000 km away from Rome! :-D I do not have the skills of an investigator, out of curiosity I have a look on Ebay, the only NX1 auctioned on ebay in Europe is in Germany that expires March 31, maybe it's a coincidence or maybe not, until we have concrete evidence we can not know it. @sanveer Good job, Finally someone with a clear mind! What do you think of the second image published? Do not you find it strange a video shot vertically, casually with a 4:3 ratio instead of 16: 9, full colors, I think it's a dng picture, not a frame take from video. @kinoseed Welcome back, as you can see there is someone who claims to have thrown the javelin over your line! We all hope this is true but nobody has ever seen anything, it's a mystery like Bigfood !! First he shows a blurred picture, then a trail on the ground, while everyone is waiting for the first of April, convinced that he will sprout from behind the bush! I just want to warn those who think to buy an NX1 camera thinking they have a camera that will shoot Raw video. If this is the reason to buy the NX1 camera wait to be sure!
  5. This does not mean anything, even I can publish photographs of Rome but I live 10,000 kilometers away. It does not seem to me that the camera can only be used in the city where you live. I'm not the one who claimed to have found the raw file, so it's you that you have to prove something, not me! I limit myself to commenting on the statements that contrast with what you have published. Photograph # 1 is a compressed 16: 9, full of artifacts, photography # 2 is a 16bit 4: 3. aspect ratio. The 4: 3 raw aspect ratio can only be obtained in 6k picture mode, but this contrasts with your previous statements "only 4k 25fps" You say to shoot with the RAW you have to load the RAW file, no video with editing and export mp4 uploaded on Vimeo or Youtube. P.S. My reputation is very healthy, I have always spoken clearly and I have shown what I can do, now it's your turn.
  6. This forum of professionals and photography enthusiasts is highly visited. My suspicion is that he wants to sell his camera and wants to get a better price. I discovered an auction on Ebay in Germany of a private seller who casually sold a Samsung NX1 and the lenses and auction expires on Saturday 31 March ... how many coincidences ... https://www.ebay.it/sch/melamut/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= I hope to be wrong but if it is finally proved that I am right, I ask Andrew Reid to make the necessary arrangements. @Arikhan do not do the mouse in the den, or take out the cheese or I take the cat! P.S. Pending advice to everyone not to buy Samsung NX1 cameras if they hope to have RAW video.
  7. The vertical image is a picture. - 4K video frame size 4000 x 2160 = Downscaling 1800 x 972. - UHD video frame size 3840 x 2160 = Downscaling 1800 x 1012. - Downscaling Picture size 6480 x 4320 = Downscaling 1800 x 1200. The vertical image he has published is exactly 1800 x 1200! You can not get a 1800 x 1200 pixel from a 4k or UHD video frame! He has always claimed to have 25fps raw limit from 4k or UHD video. In addition to this evidence add that the two photos are different in shape and substance, add that the first frame is clearly a h265, add that he is a kid, add that he is waiting for the first of April, add that he has no reason not to publish a test file, add that he is reading these posts and remains silent. @Kisahahe can make fun you but not me.
  8. The boy has already answered many questions, especially now with his silence he gave a clear answer: He has no proof to show you. I defended her initially but then at the second image I understood the joke! Who would shoot a video vertically? The image has a 4/3 ratio and is downscaled to a 6480 x 4320 = 1800 x 1200 image. This is not possible in UHD video frames but only in a 4/3 image. Moreover, the two images are very different, the second image is clearly a 16bit color sampling while the first presents the characteristic defects of the 4.2.0 and codec h265 that can not be justified by the detail captured by the lens.
  9. Good morning everybody! Today I received a "raw" file in my email from an anonymous person. The image file not suffer from excessive sharpness but precedes by six days the release date. https://www.4shared.com/get/HfSyK06oca/raw-nx1.html
  10. Poor ingenuous... Vasile, Kinoseed and Otto k released the video hack immediately, I posted NXL video and photos immediately. Why so much mystery? Why waste more time posting a screenshot to trim instead of a ready DNG file? I do not wait for April 1 day to take a fish and have me sniffed around by a brat! This forum is a place to seriously discuss cameras, I hope @Andrew Reid takes measures to close the boy's account, I would like to prevent this forum from becoming a site of pranksters instead of professionals photographer.
  11. Hai hai hai .... boy, you have arrived at the terminus! @Arikhan I've always spoken well of you, but now it's time to do your part. Do not take advantage of our intelligence, nothing prevents you from loading the raw file, just the fact that you do not have it! I no longer want to hear any excuses, legal, study, time, translations or bla bla bla ...
  12. An anti-moire filter can be mounted to reduce excessive sharpness and artifacts.
  13. @Arikhan "Everybody knows that things are simply impossible until somebody, who does not know that, makes them possible." - Einstein. No problem in releasing the hack, all the responsibilities assumed by those who install it (like Magic Lantern). I wonder if it would be helpful to move the discussion to the original topic "Petition for Samsung NX1 hack. At this point I think it is possible to get 50fps or 100fps 1080p raw? Do you get a frame reading with global shutter?
  14. is a hack installed on the sd card?
  15. Beautiful image! The view at the top of the city is exciting but this image jpeg is an export of Lightroom ... You have to upload a short original file (just 2-3 second) to a hosting site, only in this way you will be able to demonstrate your ability. @ArikhanIf you did it, congratulations.
  16. lucabutera

    NX2 rumors

    @Arikhan you have always been a serious member of this forum. You spend more time writing a message than uploading a file. Put the file available now to everyone and that's it.
  17. lucabutera

    NX2 rumors

  18. lucabutera

    NX2 rumors

    @Trek of Joy, I started my post saying "if we want to fantasize and speculate on the post appeared on mirrorlessrumors" all we say is based on our hopes and beliefs, I bet you do not have the NX1 camera right? Some time ago I read a very smart comment that said this: "Today the photos are taken with smartphones and Samsung has the best-selling phone in the world, so Samsung is still the world leader in photography." This reasoning is logical, Samsung has incorporated the photo department with that of smartphones because the photography market had been assimilated by smartphones, they would have been crazy to do otherwise! All I want to say is that I repeat for the third and last time is this: Samsung produces the sensors, processors, the display and all the electronic components necessary to assemble a camera, the DR color profile allows you to get natural colors and shades of exceptional skin. The codec h265 has the same performance of the ProRes at less than half the space, the firmware has a friendly interface and an intuitive menu (nothing to do with Sony cameras). The NX1 was a UFO that has anticipated the times too much, as evidenced by the fact that even today is among the best cameras ever built. Today the time is ripe, the codec h265 no longer has problems with transcoding and is compatible with all video editing programs. The Samsung NX2, if it will be produced with the technical characteristics listed, will be sold before arriving on the shelves.
  19. lucabutera

    NX2 rumors

    If we want to fantasize and speculate on the post appeared on the site mirrorlessrumors, we can say that it is very convincing, Samsung must develop new technologies to be always technologically advanced, even if these products should never go into production. The construction of a prototype serves to test the capabilities of their products, this has nothing senseless and personally does not surprise me at all. I agree that the marketing of the photo department of Samsung is totally wrong, communication with customers was very disappointing, but it is also true that the quality / price ratio of the NX1 and NX500 was the best ever, also it is to be appreciated that the Samsung It has never charged extra costs for major firmware updates like the professional DR color profile. If tomorrow Samsung officially announced that it is building the NX2 I would be the happiest person in the world. I bought the NX1 in 2015, three years to replace a camera is a very reasonable time frame, I would think poor those who buy Sony and Panasonic, not even have time to unpack their new camera that after six months is already old !! My humble opinion is that Samsung must continue to build cameras to be present in the photographic industry, of course Samsung knows that this involves the need to reorganize the work team, the technical staff must be numerically reduced and the work must be well organized to optimize expenses, Samsung has everything ready to make the leap in quality and move on to the professional video industry. In conclusion, Samsung produces every type of electronic product, look at home you will certainly have at least three products with Samsung brand, so why close only the photographic department precluding a secure businness, having the necessary professional potential?
  20. lucabutera

    NX2 rumors

    When talking about the Samsung NX1 camera, in the comments you clearly distinguish 2 types of people: The pessimists and the optimists. 1) The pessimists are those who have never had an NX1 in their hands; 2) The optimists, that is, the enthusiasts who own an NX1 and are happy and satisfied, some of them sold the NX1 by switching to another camera but regrets the NX1. I do not want to speculate on the news of a possible NX2 (although I would have reason, considering that I worked a lot and lost time to support the NX system with the NXL speed booster), I just want to say to the defeatists who think it is not convenient for Samsung, that the camera market is niche, which in 2018 will drop an asteroid on the earth, etc ... Maybe Sony is crazy about investing in the photo market? Yet he took a lot of the market away from Canikon! Nobody knows the business dynamics of a giant like Samsung, sometimes certain products are produced for different reasons, to be present in that sector too, to show muscles, to satisfy customers, to experiment with superior technologies to be used in another sector such as that of the smartphone.Some time ago I hypothesized that after the release of Red Hydrogen on the phone market, Samsung could get a professional camera that was able to incite fear to the Red camera, this thought is not so crazy if you think about it. The Iphonenauti sect is difficult to erase but the sales of the Galaxy 9S could be annoyed because of the many guys who are passionate about photography and video that would buy a Red phone instead of a Samsung. Did Samsung expect double the NX1 camera sales? Well, just double the sale price and get a better result! I for the NX2 would spend twice as much as I paid the NX1 and buy the new Galaxy 9S, why? Simply because it knows how to do everything right, it is a small and light camera that never disappoints you. When Andrew says that Samsung is the only one who can do it, it also means that Samsung has cut many design costs derived from NX1, also has all the components that are used in other appliances. I think they should focus only on a high-end model, the NX2, the top of the class, no compromise, the best camera on the market with a single set of S lenses including the monstrous 300mm f2.8 ready and never marketed! A dream maybe but dreaming does not cost anything and then it is not so far from reality.
  21. https://www.eoshd.com/2018/02/samsung-may-release-nx2-showcase-exynos-cpu-galaxy-s9-capabilities/
  22. you could ask how much it costs to extract the complete firmware from a professional reverse engineering service and make a fundraiser to pay for the job! https://www.blackhat.com/us-17/training/hacking-firmware-and-hardware-software-exploitation-via-hardware-exploitation.html https://www.tarlogic.com/en/cybersecurity-services/hardware-hacking-and-reverse-engineering-services/
  23. https://www.ebay.it/itm/192415711575?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
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