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  1. Wow all interesting comments. It's so confusing when picking a camera. Everyone says something different. I do however keep hearing that canon color is the best. That being said, how much better is it? Is it life changing compared to the fs5? Or can you get similar results with the fs5 with some good color grading? The xc15 looks like a great cam but I really don't like the permanent lens. Also, the Aperture is fixed and I really enjoy using primes so xc15 can't be an A cam for me. All of this being said, what do you guys think about the ursa mini 4.6k? I hear the new firmware has fixed all of the issues it had before. And from the images I've seen online it's made me consider buying one in the distant future.
  2. And yea I'm pretty sure the variable ND is coming. What other new features will it have? Will the FS7 mark I go down in price? How much will the mark II cost? Will it have an option to shoot pro res 444 in cam? Or raw in cam???? Image stabilization???????? What do you think?
  3. LOL i just created a thread with this topic at the same time. LOL I'll go ahead and delete mine. crap! i don't think i can delete the thread i created lol. is there a way?
  4. omar

    FS7 mark II

    So theres a rumor going around that an FS7 mark II will be announced in November. Interesting... What new features will it have? Will the FS7 mark I go down in price? How much will the mark II cost? Will it have an option to shoot pro res 444 in cam? Or raw in cam???? What do you guys think? FYI i created this thread at the same time or right after as IronFIlm did. didn't mean too LOL
  5. I usually buy used but since the c100 mk II was selling brand new for $3600 I made the plunge. Didn't see me saving that much on a used one. Also, people that buy these cameras usually don't sell them. Plus I needed the camera for some upcoming shoots so didn't really have time to wait around. And be extra careful with scams. If it's too good to be true then it always is.
  6. Lol no need to apologize. This thread is open to whatever anyone wants to say. I don't mind it at all. I enjoy learning from all the camera geeks
  7. I actually ended up buying a c100 mk II for $3599 brand new on this site: http://m.fumfie.com/product/ID515C6/view/ it has since went up in price so I got it just in time. Thanks for all of your advice guys! Much appreciated! And as far as the FS5 goes I think it's a great camera. Sony has all of the features a video guy wants but there's something that keeps bringing me back to canon. I think it's the look and the colors and canons menu system. ive personally owned many cameras. I've owned, the original c100, BMCC, BMPCC, canon 5D II&III, Sony A7s, Sony F35, ursa mini 4K, and they are all great cameras but with all of my experience with these cameras I choose canon becasue of the colors and ease of use(you can't beat the F35's look though. I just wish it was smaller). I rented an FS7 once and, while it had a great image, the menu system was horrible. I didn't even know how to change the ISO with some picture profiles that I used. While some might enjoy the complicate Sony menu, I don't. I don't have time for that. I need to be able pick up my camera and shoot. Canon wins for me on that end, but Sony might win for someone else. I do definitely think Sonys winning on the innovative side of things.
  8. Just bought a c100 mkii. Thanks guys! If you guys know of any info on gimbals let me know. Thats the next thing on my list The canon lenses I own are: canon 24-70 2.8 L tokina 11-16 2.8 L canon 50mm 1.4
  9. Great point! Thanks! I do need some sort of stabilizer. Seems like c100 mk II is the best choice. lol I know. I was just flirting with the idea. The fs5 has so many features that I want but can't afford it right now. Thanks for the comment and info! What motorized gimbal would you guys recommend? OR should I go with a cheaper steadicam Merlin or something?
  10. Thank guys! I know I said I want to stick with canon but I kind have some interest towards the FS5. What do you think about the FS5 over the c100 mkii?
  11. Whats up EOSHD! I have around a $5700 budget and need help buying a new camera package. I don't wanna spend all my dough on the camera so nothing too too pricey. I have canon lenses so I want to stick with canon. I make mainly promo corporate videos and sometimes short films. I currently own a 60d and an canon SL1. I'm torn between getting a c100 mk I, 1DC, xc15, or c100mk II. Let me know what you guys think. Need a camera package soon. Thanks!
  12. great video. loved the shots and slow mo stuff you did. There was some very cinematic stuff here. thanks for sharing!
  13. Great article Andrew! Yes I agree that the c300 II is a flop. And what's crazy is that the canon c300 II was released after the FS7. You would think, seeing the success of the FS7, canon would try to add more features or at least match the features of the FS7. But no, canon just does the minimum and expects the canon fans to follow. They thought that the professionals will be loyal to the EOS line and pay an extra $8k for half the camera of the FS7 just because the C300 mk I was such a success. This is a bunch of crap! They sell us short and then they release the C300 Mark II for double the price of the FS7! Absolutely insane! They don't care about their customers! It is messed up to me that they would do this. They are not looking out for us at all. And the fact that they lowered the price of the c300 mk II $4k 8 months later is embarrassing. It goes to show you that canon is not really thinking it through. They just try to rip all of us off and trick us into paying more for a camera that doesn't have it all. Canon why??? Why are you so lame??? Most of us filmmakers will not buy a camera just because it has the canon logo on the camera. We will buy the best camera with the best features with the best price. So please try harder and listen to the pros that are trying to help you!
  14. LOL...This about sums up the canon 5d iv press release.
  15. Canon press release: http://www.canonrumors.com/canon-announces-the-eos-5d-mark-iv-dslr/ The Canon 5d Mark IV press release just happened and I've never been more excited to sell all of my canon gear and switch to Sony! LOL All jokes aside I'm sure this camera is great but I'm also sure people will be underwhelmed by the specs and lack of video functionality. But that's just canon, we shouldn't be surprised. This camera will still sell like hot cakes. As a video guy I look forward for new cameras and new tech but with canon not so much. They have become predictable and boring. Yes their images are great and their cameras are well built but I just would like to see more innovation and more video features on their DSLRs. I mean how hard is to add peaking or false color to these cameras? Anyways that's just my two cents. I'm sure I'm probably wrong about all this :p What do you guys and gals think?
  16. That's what I'm saying. This guy is a pro scammer. This obviously isn't his first rodeo so this is why we need to not let this guy go becasue he's supposedly depressed. He just wants us to get off his back so he can clear his name and scam more people.
  17. Don't beleive ES's lies. I gaurantee you he's not depressed or suicidal. He's just scared. He's just a guy that got caught who doesn't want to pay for the consequences of robbing innocent people. We should definitely forgive him but if he gets away with this crime without justice being served he will end up scamming someone again. So don't put your guard down becasue he's mostlikely just stalling.
  18. For the people that got scammed this sucks and I'm sorry for your loss. On the bright side, this has been one of the most entertaining forum threads that I've ever read In my life LOL. I know this sounds like I'm a jerk(and I probably am), but I'm just being honest. This is becoming like a reality tv show LOL. Anyways, this whole thing is weird and I'm not completely buying that Egyptian doctors story. If his story was true, and if he cares about his name so much, and if he's rich, he should have refunded these people already. If this was done, this thread would have died a long time ago. Him leaving the EOSHD forum only benefits him and adds more question marks to his story. Also, him wanting to leave the forum without wanting to give refunds doesn't make sense. This is not sounding honorable to me at all. If you're a man of honor deal with your problems with the people that have been effected. Don't write a post to say where you live and to apologize to save your reputation. That's selfish and only thinking of yourself. Just PM the victims and pay them back; that's being a man of honor.
  19. your music rocks! Thanks for sharing!
  20. This is exactly why I'm now only buying used cameras. Camera's go down in value so fast. Not worth buying one new anymore. Especially canon c-series cameras. Their new cameras always go down within a year or less.
  21. I'd say a used C300 or a c100 mk II with external recorder. C300 with autofocus upgrade would be best but I think either one would be fine. There are both work horse cameras that will never let you down. Plus you can't beat that canon look.
  22. I mainly use sony PL lenses and yes I enjoy the F35's image above any canon c-series cam but IMO having the raw option and higher frame rates can be an advantage over the sony. Doesn't mean I'm giving up my sony any time soon. The images it produces are too beautiful for me to let it go
  23. Great article! Wish these prices were this low before I bought my sony F35. F35 is amazing but having 4K raw at high speed as an option is definitely an advantage over my sony. Thanks for sharing your experience Andrew!
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