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  1. Ban him. Definitely goes against the grain of what this forum is about.
  2. Noam Kroll has a bit of info on the d-lux here: http://noamkroll.com/why-of-all-cameras-i-just-bought-a-leica-point-shoot-for-4k-video-stills/ Doesn't seem to be much footage out yet with it though
  3. Are you using an external recorder for 4k with the GH4 currently?
  4. @wolf33d ..what drone do you use for travelling? I'm looking for a portable, lightweight set up for trekking etc. type holidays
  5. Vurhd

    DJI X5R - Footage

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u8GdhiwIYQ0&feature=youtu.be&t=3m57s YT behind the scenes link
  6. Great thanks for the info @agolex. If you get any more updates do you mind posting them up.. Cheers
  7. Anyone else received their order? Doesn't seem to have been any recent updates on their kickstarter website.
  8. Vurhd

    Samsung VR 360

    I stumbled across this clip on YouTube and was absolutely fascinated by the 'immersive quality' of the footage....kind of similar to when Google Street View first came out. Use your mouse to scroll/swipe 360 degrees (need an up to date browser) I know the actual quality of the footage isn't great but I am quite interested in the progress of 360 degree recording devices. Personally I see this kind of tech being really useful for when I go scuba diving to assist in capturing the 360 degree aspect of being immersed underwater. Has anyone had much experience with these devices? Any footage to share?
  9. Here is another one Loving Lanka Shot on GH4, handheld. Entertaining 'making of' here: Making of
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