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  1. Hi, The complete licensing is managed by Google through their API. The license is connected to your Google Account and not to your device. This rule is defined by Google. You can use the purchased app on multiple devices, until you are using the same Google Account on them. Please make sure that you have selected the right account (the account where you have purchased the app) in the Play Store while you are downloading and installing the app. This case the multiple accounts should not be a problem. I have tested it and works for me on a Galaxy S6. Please let me know if it can fix your problem. Regarding the slow motion: this is a bit tricky, because these modes usually are not implemented to be reached by camera2 API. This mode is different device-by-device and there is no common way to reach it. The different manufacturers put this option in their own camera app only. Thanks, Gabor
  2. Hi, Matthew has written a review about the app on the Play Store, and he has a Note 5: "OMG! I've been waiting for an app like this for eons. Flat profiles, 200mps, 24fps, full manual focus (w/assist!), AE/AW locks. Realtime stats. Effective, simple UI. This is very close to my pro NX1. Works brilliantly on my Note 5. I now can use my phone as a reliable B-Cam. Suggestions: Grid lines, (like thirds) manual focus/zoom during record & focus/exposure peaking. Very, very impressed. Was using Cinema-FV5 but it's extremely buggy. Now I don't have to! Thank you! I got the paid version."
  3. Hi Matthias, Did you try to lock the exposure and use manual focus? Thanks, Gabor
  4. Hi Guys, Yes, you are right. I am the developer of the Cinema 4K app. I have started this development, because of the limitations of the built in camera app. I have also tried other apps for 4K video recording, but at the end I decided to write my own. I have tested it on an LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6. On LG G4 the AE lock is not working and - because of the weaker CPU - the 4K recording sometimes drops frames when other apps are running in the background. On the Galaxy S6 there is no SD card option, however I could attach an external storage over OTA and configure the app to record there. Works good. Cinema 4K relies on the Camera2 API. This is quite new in Android and unfortunately not too many manufacturers implemented it on their phones. It also requires Lollipop (5.0) Android version. The Google Play Store automatically selects the available devices for download the app based on the OS. This might be the reason Note 3 is not listed. I will try to set this manually if possible. Thanks for starting this forum and your valuable feedback. I am planning to add some new features in the future, but at the same same time I would like to keep the app as simple as possible and not to overload. The main idea is to get the maximum quality from the camera and later on you can edit it on PC/Mac environment. Thanks and Best Regards, Gabor
  5. Here is a new clip made by Cinema 4K app and Galaxy S6.
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