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  1. Hi MC, I actually just clicked the eyedropper over the whites of my eyes as well as the mannequin's. I know it's not the proper way to do it. I should have used a white balance card. But I'm stunned at how easy it was to get pleasing results with Reid's picture profile. The blueish color cast was literally removed in a single click. I'm sure I could tinker more with it in Premiere, but I already like it as it is.
  2. Hi Andrew, I wanted to thank you for this fantastic EOSHD Pro picture profile you put together. I ordered and downloaded it last week. I can't be happier with the results!!! The examples below were shot in your PP1 profile and lit by a single keylight: Zylight Z90 @5600K. ISO below 800, I don't recall the exact #. This the closest I've ever been able to get skin tones on my Sony A7s2 to look like those from my old Canon 1DC. I've never been able to make skin tones on my A7s2 look that good, even using Matt Johnson's great PP8 Cine4 mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-APqhJLhPfE&am
  3. Hi Andrew, I couldn't agree more with your article. As a former C300/1DC owner, I love Canon's color science (especially for skin tones). And I was eagerly looking forward to the C300 Mark II. But not at $16K or even $12K. I then hoped in vain that the 1DX Mark II would at least have Log. If this C300M2 rental slump continues, Canon may have to drop the price yet again to (hopefully) $9k or $8k. Today, it would have to approach the price of an FS7 to be as competitive and attract the same mass market interest for indie doc filmmakers that the C300 once did. I know that might sound stran
  4. Thanks very much for this great review Andrew. I made the biggest mistake of my life when I sold my 1DC last year and I've been regretting it ever since. I never had overheating issues with it and the color it produced was stellar right out of the gate. I'll wait a month or two to see what Canon has to offer in terms of 4K in the DSLR range and may well end up going back to the 1DC. I was hoping for an improved codec that would give the same wonderful skin tones but at less than 500 Mbps. But if that's what it takes, I'll just have to buy more CF cards. Ever since, I've had terrible trouble g
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