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  1. When I downloaded the new one (after already having V1) the PDF was titled, "EOSHD-Pro-Color-Sony-Update" so it's possible he removed the title for all NEW buyers so as not to confuse them. Dec 7 is the creation date for V2. The original PDF V1 was made Nov 27th.
  2. Looks good! What Kelvin did you end up shooting at? Looks nice so I'll guess 6800K due to the sunset, maybe over 7k?
  3. That looks great and much more alive with people! Well done.
  4. Hey! As Davey mentioned, go to Page 2 where I posted this exact thing! I didn't change the magenta in the PP but I did change the Color Phase, which does something similar with the colors.
  5. Andrew are you still selling your Sony's off or are you keeping it since you're now happy with the color? I saw a post Nov 16 2016 that stated you were selling it all off/
  6. So you discovered how? The guide did indeed cover how to get 3600K and 4300K, you just need to point it at tungsten sources and not have daylight in the shot so much.
  7. Correct. Andrew mentioned it up there somewhere. From Andrew, "They do not. The Colour Depth settings when adjusted don't change the image with S-Gamut selected on the A6300 / A6500." If you have the updated guide, it'll tell you what the new settings are for the 6300/6500 .
  8. I'll test the settings for my 6300 with both the original and the updated version 2 guide. I shoot 100% manual but I have my dial turned to the movie mode (with manual exposure) bc the 'M' mode on the dial can occasionally cause issues with my lens adapter. I have never had an issue in the 'film strip' dial dedicated movie mode.
  9. That's looking fantastic--and like you said I noticed the brighter luma in the YT video. I just need to test this stuff under higher ISO as well.
  10. How did you use the eyedropper on a face? Did you have a white card to set WB in post? This looks great and the straight out of camera shots are exactly what mine are looking like, so I've just been shooting at a higher kelvin (for daylight balanced)
  11. No new PDF settings yet, but give him some time to release it as he wants to!
  12. Oh the trigger on the EOSPRO settings! I thought you meant the Sony A7s2. Yes, of course I definitely didn't want to say the settings but I had personally noticed the skin in daylight (it was 1p in Indiana) looked a little closer with Phase at 0. It's modified in his guide and I think it's worth noting that may very well be better having it as Andrew has it for night skin tone shots. I haven't done much testing at night with a proper video light with high CRI.
  13. The Canon or the Sony? :P This is the best Sony skin tones I've ever seen with zero CC or grade.
  14. Silly me, I know better. Canon was 5Dm3 and Sony A7s2
  15. Here's a bunch of skin tone shots in direct sun with zero post. What I did here was keep the exact same settings and Canon 70-200 f/2.8 between the Canon shot and the Sony EOS PRO shots. The Canon Standard shot is just there for reference. These are frame grabs from video. I shot some extra shots with Color Phase at 0 and I think when the WB is at 6600K (even though the Canon is at 5600K) those 2 shots match closest. Basically, the profile wants higher Kelvin numbers it appears to match with Canon SOOC.
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