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  1. The real reason for subscription models is so companies can predict profits to share holders and increase profits when desired. Just put up the price, knowing everyone will stay a user and bingo the projected profits miracouksly hit projection targets to the cent, brilliant. I hate adobe with a passion for this, I wish black magic would do to adobe, what adobe did to quark in the design world (they created indesign to compete with quark, and gave users ability to import legacy quark projects into indesign, again brilliant) could BMD give resolve the ability to import premier projects or can this already be done easily?
  2. Yes it would be a sad day if you stopped this great resource Andrew. I hope you realise there are a hell of a lot of us out there that do know the difference between your knowledge and insights and..., well others. Some sites are down right insulting to ones intelligence, and embarrassing to themselves. So I concur with the above, I am always looking to your perspective as the yardstick to measure by. You are thorough and unbiased and exhaustive in your methods, a true artist in forensic detail, I love that.
  3. Just returned my sony a6300 because over overheating issues, yesterday was the final straw, shooting in the sun in Aust summer is a no go for this camera, if you don't want to miss a shot (which means the camera must be on when you want it on) I missed two great candid shots which cannot be repeated, projecting this forward shows me with simple maths that this situation will continue and will be so frustrating and stressful and embarrassing as a professional. I tried the open battery door while filming this morning in case it miraculously fixed things, but still overheated, but definitely to a lesser degree. Still to unreliable for me.
  4. I am having such a love hate relationship with this camera. There is so much that is superb and some a pain rolling shutter, and some( the bloody overheating) that i don't think i can live with. The still images at 3200 in difficult light are astounding, as Andrew has said the grain structure is indeed film like, better than my 5d mk3, there is no color noise that i can see and a nice organic sharpness. i would put this camera ahead of my 5d mk3 in low light see attached images at 3200 5.6 on the standard cheap 16 to 50. The 5d mk3 would definitely exhibit color noise in the shadows in this scenario. The same in 4k at 3200 is astoundingly good for my money, i can shoot in almost any situation at 3200 2.8 at 25p and to have such a clean picture this is a real plus for this money., but the bloody overheating, If I new this could be fixed with firmware I would hang on, but i don't think so, people talked about overheating with the a6000 but i never experienced this, so this is a new thing for me with cameras.
  5. aslanua

    Sony a6300 4k

    I did some filming for my wife's wedding business on the weekend, very hot day, I had canon c100 as main camera and the sony a6300 on the steady cam and slider interchanging. I shot the 6300 all day at 1080 25p 50p no overheating this time. At the end of the shoot I did some quick 4k 25p in the hot sun and no over heating. all pp6 Also today shot the 4k for 29 mins continuous and no overheating. In the below 4k clip there are 5 shots the first two show a lot of detail in the far distance pavilion and the difference of 2/3 of a stop exposure between the two. The third shot shows some aliasing on straight lines the fourth shot shows moire on the guys shirt on left. the fifth shot shows imho how good dynamic range is with pp6, it was bright sunshine and quite dark under the marque on left. I have done no grading with these shots and find it easy to tweak these 8 bit images to taste, simply some sat and adjust blacks. but never over expose the highlights, you won't get them back, you must protect the highlights. Also shots matched well with the c100. flower.mp4 shows the 1080p 50 p with about 30 sharpness applied in adobe premier cc (reminds me of the regime used for 5d mk3), not finding any real moire even with this sparse applied. I think I may keep after all as it does have many uses, I never use the camera off a tripod or slider or steady cam so the rolling shutter is not much of an issue, but I think Sony has a lot of compromises with this camera, but still a great tool. flower.mp4 4k.mp4
  6. aslanua

    Sony a6300 4k

    I have done extensive tests today in pal mode shot 4k and 1080 p 25p 50 p and 100fps. The good, It's a great picture, to my taste, i have found pp6 to be the ideal profile, I tried pp4 and it just does not hold enough highlight detail, see the 1080p examples of pp4 pp6 and pp7 slog, I also noticed when I panned to screen and back the auto white balanced changed color temp significantly. pp4 could not get close to the true blue of the mac screen I am now using set color temps, 5600 for sunny day seems fine, slight magenta cast, but am able to get rid of just with fast color premier cc. even was apparent in black vehicle but could be removed slog two is great but I want a fast workflow a lot of the time and pp6 delivers with great shadow detail, not much noise, very important to protect highlights in pp6 I find don't let highlight go beyond +7, this will still give good detail in darkest shadows on a sunny day in summer in Australia. see examples. p44k1a.jpg is exposed at 0.0, slih=ght magenta easy to rectify. pp64k2a.jpg quite an exposure difference, highlighted grass was +o.3 pp64k3a.jpg highlights were +1.0 to +1.7 pp64k4a.jpg here highlights were exposed at 0.0, notice still good shadow detail. I can't stress how important it is to protect highlights outside of slog and i think for me pp6 is enough DR if exposed correctly, with the ease of grading, nothing done two these images except slight sat increase. Now the bad the 4k shooting when on my driveway in full sun filming for approx 5 mins in aust summer approx 30 degrees crashed, nice warning and then crashed. I then set the camera up in full sun and shot for 9 minutes before it crashed filming in 1080p 50p,,this is all in Pal. Man this sort of feels like a deal breaker, I can handle the rolling shutter, I don't see an issue with softness of 1080p, but overheating that quickly? Anyway I rigged a french flag (you can see it in the corner of 4kpp6a.jpg) and shot in 4k in sun with camera shaded for the full 29 mins I then shot with french flag in 1080p 50p for the full 29 mins, so direct sun appears to be the killer. Anyway, will share more as it comes to hand, but I think it is almost a recall scenario because of over heating, but hey if you live in iceland you'll be cool.
  7. Hi Andrew It appears you decided to keep the Sony a7s 11 over the A7R 11 is that correct, and if so briefly why?
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