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  1. Stuck to the lens or the body?

    I know a guy who's had to get his 5D fixed twice as fotodiox adopters have jammed on the body...

    If I was to get a ef to nx adapter stuck on the body I could partly live with that, but don't want to get any of my glass trapped ha.

    I bought Andrews guide earlier and I worked out the adapter he uses (even though it's difficult to see from the photo), so I'll give that a try.

  2. Evening chaps and chapesses, just wonder if any of you have some recommended and confirmed working EF to NX adapters? 

    Just picked up an NX1 as, after shooting for the past couple of years with my C100, I've been missing slow mo as a go to tool in my repertoire.

    I'll be using manual lens on it, so I have no elaborate requirements.



  3. This may not be the place to say this, but i'm very interested in BlackMagic's Video assist recorder. I fired them an email today asking if it will have Rec control over HDMI, but nothing back yet. Just wondering if it will take a record control from my C100 like an Atomos, anybody know?

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