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  1. 2 hours ago, MountneerMan said:

    Has anyone tried to plug an external USB drive directly into the camera and mount it using telnet? I cannot find anywhere if the USB 3.0 on the NX1 is an OTG port.

    I was planning on going to pick up a micro USB 3.0 to female type A and play around with it but if someone already has the required cables and knows more about Linux than me this would be alot faster. I would just be googling commands from the internet https://www.google.ca/search?q=how+to+mount+a+usb+hard+drive+in+linux&oq=how+to+mount+a+usb+hard+drive+in+linux&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l2.1280j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


    The intended purpose would be for a program that would back-up all the contents of the SD card to an external drive. This would allow us to back-up our videos(a must with only 1 SD slot) without bringing a laptop to every outing.

    The NX1 mounts itself as mass storage via USB at the moment, I think without some serious reworking of the internal Firmware it wouldnt be able to support a storage drive. It would have to be programmed to mount the drive, recognise it as a storage device and then be given the ability to transfer the footage from the SD to the USB, without any external software or hardware. The NX1 may not have the hardware capabilities to achieve this, even with the software, as a mass storage device, its the computer thats doing all the transferring legwork. Even then, it can charge via the USB port, but I doubt it could power a device from the port.

  2. 2 minutes ago, vaga said:

    You could use the NX lenses on Sony E Mount and m43 with an adapter. The adapter would be 6.5mm thick.

    But who would realistically make a quality adapter that also had the necessary electronic contacts? I don't see it being economically viable for metabones.

  3. 34 minutes ago, DayRaven said:

    Feels like it should be the other way around - the large flange distance would (and has been a factor) prevent me from buying the camera, because I couldn't use a lot of glass on it but should I already own one then buying the NX lenses would be fine for me because of the flange distance as they could be adapted for a great many other cameras

    Ha sorry, I confused that sentence a bit, I didn't mean it had the largest flange distance, I meant that the way the NX mount was designed, as opposed to say E-mount, was one of the NX systems largest issues.

    There's a few excellent lenses for the NX system and I intend to pick up a few of the primes (if I can get them for a reasonable price), both for autofocus and unlocking the wifi capabilities, but I'm reluctant to pay the money for the 16-50 and the 50-150, if I'll only ever be able to use them on the NX system. 

  4. Sadly I think this may be a case of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. Samsung have shown a complete lack of interest for some time in the photographic field, phones and Galaxy devices exempt of course, and I don't see any signs of them reversing this decision.

    About 7 or so years ago, when I still worked in retail while at university, I saw Samsung consistently looked over in favour of other brands and I think Samsung gradually lost interest, from a business perspective as a result. It's very unfortunate that they chose to release their two best cameras, that both had a chance of selling well, at a time when they had the least faith in making a profit in that market.

    Silver linings though, I picked up a new NX1 in December for £700 and I'm very happy with It as a spare body. There's a great deal of potential in this camera, that now may be fully realised by new firmware from the excellent "hacking" community. The only real issue I have now is a reluctance to invest in NX lenses, due to the complete impossibility of remounting the lenses. As a matter of fact, the NX mount itself isn't that great, it's inability to take focal length reducers due to its distance from the sensor being one of the largest. 

  5. Hey guys,

    Had a wee search and couldn't find any specific threads for this, so I thought I'd start a discussion and see what information other owners have.

    I'm looking for a compatible monitor for my NX1, currently I use it as a B-Cam to my C100 and fancy a larger screen for monitoring purposes.

    I currently own an Atomos Ninja Blade, but myself and many others seem unable to get it working with the NX1. Unfortunate as it would be nice to have a 1080P recording straight from the camera, rather than transcoding the h.265, but I use it primarily with my C100 so no major stress.

    I'd potentially look at something like the Ninja Assassin, I believe Andrew did some tests with it and got it working with the NX1. However I'm not in desperate need for another recorder just now, so I just wondered what monitors people are using with it in the 7 inches and under range?

  6. Cool to see so many replies, a lot of good discussion goes down on this forum Andrew, its a credit to you sir!

    Creatively I can think of quite a few options as well from a larger sensor. "For those who like (about) to crop (rock)!" (such a shite joke I had to cover myself), it offers a massive range of sensor sizes within one camera and with one lens. Theres a great deal of Kodak CCD sensors still available via their new owner, but a lot of them cap out at 7fps. With Fuji's improvement in video performance recently, I think they could be a good bet, but also as mentioned, Sony are potentially in the race.

    Who would invest in something like this from an independent company? Something along the lines of the Axiom, with a video focus. I think something in a Hassleblad-esque form factor could be really cool. 

  7. There's been a lot of buzz recently with regards to the 65mm format, with its use on The Hateful 8, parts of The Revenant and I guess to a lesser extent the fantastic restoration of the 70mm print of Lawrence of Arabia.

    Unfortunately the recently medium format Pentax was a bit of a flop video wise, but now with Fuji supposedly getting involved with their own cameras, (and their excellent pedigree in lenses for the format) could you see yourself using the format for filmmaking?

    Ideally for me it would have to have 4K or higher, as one of the biggest draws of the larger format is the resolution. With more sensor manufacturers creating medium format sensors, I think there's a high chance for us to see a useable solution within the next couple of years and I just wondered who would be willing to make the investment in the bodies and the glass to expand their creative options (assuming the camera was under 15k)?



  8. I guess the choice you have to make is wether you'd prefer to focus more on FCPX? When it first came out, it broke my heart, I loved 7. I've since moved to Premiere and they've made a lot of moves to make it similar to FCP 7, including keyboard shortcuts and the like. Though I hear these days that FCPX is a powerhouse and not to be overlooked, so I guess it depends wether you want a machine that could do premiere and FCPX?

  9. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but the MBP is supposed to be moving to Skylake (new cpus) in the next few months, so there will be a refresh. If you are going for an integrated GPU, the new models will have a better one. Though in saying that, its a lot to spend on a work laptop without getting one with a GPU. Apple moved back to AMD graphics with their last MBP refresh and I think theres mixed feelings about this as theres no longer CUDA support. Personally, I know a lot of people say you have to get on the bus eventually and cant keep waiting for the next computer to come out, but I'd seriously wait for the next machines this time and maybe save the extra to get a dedicated graphics card if you are set on a RMBP.

  10. You are better off getting the Mac Pro 4.1 and onwards. The 2009 4.1 model can take the parts all the way up to the 2012 model if you upgrade the firmware to 5.1. Lets you use faster ram and potentially two 6 core processors, which you can upgrade yourself and still has decent heft. I've seen single socket 2010 models for £350, I wouldnt go for less than a 2009 model.

  11.  2) Does the video assist take an SDI signal and output HDMI? In other words, input from BMCC and output to flatscreen TV or monitor. 

    I'm sure I read that someone had tested it and it preformed SDI to HDMI cross conversion. But don't quote me on that with the little quote button, probably best to wait for someone that has one...

  12. Its a bit of a shame this didn't come out earlier. Theres been pretty aggressive reductions from Atomos in the UK, I deliberated on the Blade for ages and then picked it up last month for 400 quid from CVP. The inc vat price of the assist is £361 and thats considerably cheaper than what the Ninja Blade was listed for at the time. 

    Still its nice to see that theres choice for the consumer, so we definitely benefit.

    Actually the NX1 nicely downscales the 4K internally to 1080p for the HDMI output. I've tried recording that with the Video Assist and it is pretty decent quality. Better than the internal 1080p!

    So get the Video Assist if you need better quality 1080p from your NX1 and can't be bothered with 4K or H.265.

    So set the HDMI output to 1080P and just leave the camera in 4K? Cheers mate I'll try that with my Atomos, if it pans out I'll probably pick up the assist for my NX1.

  13. I've yet to test my NX1 with my Ninja Blade, but have you tried a 4k output downscaled to 1080p with the NX1? I'm sure it does 8bit 4:2:2 out of its HDMI port, so just wondering how good the downscaled 4K would look. Would be a potential reason for me to pick this up as my NX1 runs B cam to my C100 and I've been following the video assist for sometime. Dont know if they changed it, but when I originally contacted them, Blackmagic were saying that there was no rec trigger for the C100 with the device.

    Edit: Just noticed you said the 4K downsample is only SDI, apologies!

  14. I used to have one but it never felt 100% reliable.

    I would agree with you, to go down the hackintosh path you definitely need to be up for tinkering to run one on the regular. I've got various different systems, my main rig, which I find myself using more than my Mac Pro these days, works brilliantly and I've taken it with me multiple times to show projects to clients, without fear of it kicking up any problems.

    Picking the right parts is by far the best step you can make, its hard to go wrong with Gigabyte motherboards for example. Theres almost always kinks in the beginning as you say and again I totally agree with you on the usb soundcard point.

    I would say that for anyone that wants a powerful mac without the worry of Hackintoshing, for a reasonable price, look at the 2009 mac pro with two CPU sockets. With a firmware upgrade you can transform it into the 2010 model, allowing for faster ram and the ability to replace the dual quad cores, with dual six cores that still have significant wallop. 

    In the end, Hackintoshing can transition into a slightly weird but enjoyable hobby. As I mentioned above, I hackintoshed a Surface Pro (that i picked up for 120 quid as it had a cracked screen), after fixing the screen, I now have a 1080p, i5 tablet with 128gb of storage, a usb3 port and a bloody fast card reader that is great for backing up and reviewing footage in the field. Kicks the shit out of the 11 inch air screen.



  15. I reckon that should share the same mount as the pre mirrorless Sony Alphas (A mount). As it has electronic contacts, I doubt you would get aperture control like you can with Nikon lenses. 


    I stand corrected! This seems to work, but it's fairly costly: http://www.videogear.co.uk/Lens-Mount-Adapters/Novoflex-Adapter-Minolta-AF-/-Sony-Alpha-Lenses-To-Samsung-NX-Cameras/prod_2417.html

  16. Appreciate its not what you are asking for directly, but I picked up a Rode Smartlav+ mic the other day for lightweight documentary projects. The sound quality is excellent for the price and it did a great job on the project I bought it for. Recorded straight into my iPhone and it exported WAV files out the other side very easily. 

  17. I'd recommend the Rokinon / Samyang too, the cine versions are excellent for video for the price. I've just got an EF lens adapter for my NX and I am using EF Samyangs on it. Might be worth getting the EF version instead of the NX, will hold its value better I reckon and more adaptable to other systems,

  18. Man I'd love to make a Hackintosh. To be honest, I survive on Page to create all of my company letters and quotations. Microsoft Word frustrates the hell out of me with their default set of fonts. Even on a Mac, everything feels uglier on Word.

    I've been running various Hackintoshes, along side actual Macs, since Snow Leopard and I've yet to have a really unpleasant experience. If you go into it I recommend starting with a desktop build, rather than converting a laptop. Its much harder to get compatible laptop components wise, but it can fun, I have a Surface Pro that runs Yosemite really well. The installation process is so easy these days and websites like TonyMac have excellent guides.

  19. The way to push the button is a bit tricky, they should have drawn a little arrow and an unlock symbol under it. I kept pushing it too the first couple of times. It's a great adapter anyway with no issues whatsoever. Highly recommended. 

    BTW they make one with a built in iris assembly, anyone knows the downsides of that? could be a great solution to control iris.


    The return issues were with another product, their absolutely useless Excell speedbooster. I thought mine was broken given how soft it was, so replaced, the same, then knew it's what it is, only sharp beyond f/8 (really?). So it wasn't a QC issue but a whole design failure of a product. I advice they keep away from the glass making and stay in mechanics!

    I've heard really bad things about those artificial apertures, ranging from poor bokeh to vignetting.  Haven't tried one myself however, but I could see how that wouldn't perform to the same ability as the lenses actual iris.

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