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  1. I believe it's m42 mount, I'm not sure. My intentions were to use it with my Canon FD's. Regarding the focus, I would say that it is firm but not stiff. But it is not buttersmooth either. This is my first Isco so I have not much to compare to.
  2. The ext. driving shots of the car were also shot on the Alexa.
  3. Hello there. Thought you might find this interesting here since this (very expensive commercial) was shot predominantly with the Blackmagic Production 4K camera. A few shots (in the pool and the waterskiing) was shot with the Sony A7s in an underwater housing. The reflection shot and the very last shot was shot with the Alexa Mini. My main lens on the BM was a rehoused Canon 14mm f2.8 and a 16mm 2.1 Zeiss Standard Speed. The POV helmet rig was built for me by a grip in southern France. It clocked in at 13.5kg! My decision for the BM 4k was weight and global shutter as we had a lot of strobes and flashes going off. Definitely not the same dynamic range as I'm used to with the Alexa so required a bit of iris pulling in the scenes and also not the fastest camera coupled with a f2.8 lens. But I had great fun with this camera. There is going to be a directors cut later on.
  4. And since I'm a honest guy, I would like to say right now that if I was to be using these (original) diopters on the Isco frequently I would use this http://srb-photographic.co.uk/72mm-empty-filter-holder-6975-p.asp between the Isco and the diopter. I find them hard to put on the plastic housing of the isco. All threads are completely fine both Isco and diopters, but they still seem hard to mount. My 72mm Angenieux diopters fit on like a glove though.
  5. Hi guys. At the moment my best selling point for this Iscorama are these diopters, so I'm going to wait with splitting this up. Rich, thank you for your email a few weeks back and sorry I did not reply to it. When there is a chance I would love to try your Trump set! All the best.
  6. Selling my pre-36 Iscorama. Bought this in August for a project, but was never used as we decided to shoot spherical. Included in the price are 3x very Iscorama diopters and 55mm, 52mm and 39mm stepup rings so that you can mount this on your own taking lens rather than the included one. The diopters are 200-100cm, 100-67cm, 67-50cm. The 200-100cm has a scratch on the side of the lens. The Iscorama has a few dust particles inside but nothing that I've noticed when shooting my tests. Included is also the original box. €3100 includes shipping in the EU. This is less than what I paid for the whole deal in august.
  7. Fungus in the lens is going to be the new anamorphic soon. Keep hold of it, just make sure you get it cheap. Btw how is that Z camera footage looking?
  8. They should add it to the Sony A7s as well. Together with the gamma display assist. It would be very much appreciated.
  9. Rather interesting is a very mild way to put. It was definitely different. You could smell it. 10 years have passed now, but I still remember the first day of shooting on this film very clearly. The rest of the shoot kind of have passed into a self-induced oblivion ;-)
  10. Classic camera. I shot two films with the DVX-100. 9 Songs and The Road to Guantanamo and used it for a few bits in A Mighty Heart. This was with the Panasonic 16:9 anamorphic which always was a pain, especially in the desert as it would collect massive amounts of dust. I would have to take it apart each night to give it a clean.
  11. Missed the Focars for sale the other day. Anyone else has some for sale please let me know. Cheers.
  12. Anyone in the UK, France or nearby countries that has one for rent from next until the 1st of Sep?
  13. Dear Forum I hope you can help. I'm about to shoot a job where we are doing almost the whole job as a POV camera. Quite a few shots will be inside a car driving and getting in and out. I have a rig for ext. shots which most likely will be Red with Hawk anamorphics. But I do need a smaller setup. I have an Isco 54 myself and tried it on my Sony A7s but it's to big and heavy to a) wear on a helmet, b) getting in and out. Has anyone used the SLR magic? Does it focus like the Isco? I'm looking to use either the Sony A7s or the Blackmagic Pocketcam. I would love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks in advance. Marcel Zyskind
  14. Thank you Bioskop. Do you have any Focars for sale?
  15. Hey guys. I'm looking for diopters for my Isco 54. Can anyone help? Cheers Marcel
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